How to Choose the Right Tiles

How to Choose the Right Tiles

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Indoor or outdoor Tiles? Dark or Light tiles? Choosing the right tiles can be a tricky task when renovating your house, or a small room in your house. There are several elements you need to consider when selecting tiles. Here are some tips you can use when you purchase tiles for a new look in your house:

1. Opt for Light Coloured tiles
The role of tile colours can affect the room differently. Light colours can make your room appear bigger and brighter. It can help you keep the room clean as you can see the spots easily and you can also clean your tiles with ease.

2. Experiment with Colours and Patterns
Even though light colours can lighten up your bathroom or kitchen, a little mix and match won’t do any harm. Try to match light colours with the darker ones to create certain mood and you can also mix it with patterns.

3. Tile Quality is Ultimate
Tiles are an investment, never compromise on quality. Choose the ones which will last for a long time, don’t break easily or have a great surface look.

4. Add Extra Tiles
Always purchase extra tiles. This will come in handy when you find cuts or breakages and you already have replacement tiles that will match 10 years later.

5. Blend the Grout Lines Properly
Grout colour should match the colour of your tiles. Opt for those which have closest colour to the tiles and blend it till it looks seamless.

6. Size Does Matter
You should see the size of your room before choosing any tiles, and also consider your wall and floor edges to see if you need small tiles instead.

7. The use of Borders
You can put extra ornament by adding borders using small or long tiles. This could add more colours to your tiles and appears more interesting than plain tiles.

8. Suitability Check
If you need to install tiles for your floor, check if the tile PEI rating is suitable for your intended area/use. Choose materials which will suit the area where it’s placed in.

9. Maintenance Advice
When you are installing natural stone tiles (such as travertine, marble, slate), you need to ensure to get the maintenance tips on how to treat the tiles pre and post-fixing.

10. Advice from the Experts
When you are still new to certain materials or installing tiles in general, don’t hesitate to ask for advice. You can ask the seller about how to treat the tiles, post-fixing treatment or any other tips regarding to the tiles you purchased check out the Amber Tiles section of Top4 for further advice and tile ideas


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