How to Choose the Right Nail Polish Colour for You

How to Choose the Right Nail Polish Colour for You

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Knowing the right nail polish which suits you needs a little research. Choosing the right nail polish is important because you want your nails to complement your style, skin tone and the shape of your hands. For example, you have short fingers so, you don’t want to have a nail polish that makes them look stubby. Here are some tips to know what nail polish colour suits you.

Skin tone
In choosing a nail polish, the most important thing to do is to know what colour suits your skin complexion. There are some basic rules for picking out a colour based on your skin. If you have fairer skin, it’s best for you to have dark coloured nail polish, especially those that have a blue base. For medium skin tones, dark red shades are the best while for darker skin tones, about any colours can just be used.

As for your makeup, it’s better to match your nail polish with your lipstick. Find colours that coordinate with your lip colour. Having these two coordinates makes you look fashionable and can also show your individual style.

Your outfit
Fashion is all about coordination of colours — your ability to match them. Some people say that nail polish should never match your outfit while others say that it’s fine. Try to browse your wardrobe, check what your dominant colour is and always keep that in mind whenever you’re shopping for nail polish. Don’t try to force colours that don’t suit your natural beauty.

What’s trending
Being updated with the current trends can also help you choose what nail polish colour suits you. Check what colours are the most popular right now. Nowadays, trending nail polish can be seen from actors, singers, artists, etc.

If you’re having a business meeting or interview, it’s better to use pale neutrals that don’t attract too much attention from your conversational abilities. But if you’re having a date, you can get a bit more daring by using bright or tropical colours. If you have to attend an evening event, you should use a dark and more intense colour that matches your outfit.

What to avoid
In choosing the right nail polish colour, you should know the things to avoid. For example, if you have fair skin, don’t try to use something too dark. If your nails are square, avoid using too light colours. You still have to experiment more to find colours that don’t fit you.

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