How to Choose The Best Restaurant For Your Important Events?

How to Choose The Best Restaurant For Your Important Events?

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There are many big events in human’s life. A wedding proposal, a business deal closer, Mother's Day, spouse's birthday, thanksgiving, or just a memorable romantic dinner. The coming of these events may lead you to a question: “How do you pick the best restaurant?”. The occasion itself will shape your choice even though you are rarely conscious of this part. It is true that food is one of the most important factor to choose a restaurant, still the environment and location of the restaurant are important too. This is what draws the big differences. When you take the time to choose, you will be able to have a great gastronomic experience built around the good nuance of the restaurant and the friendly attitude of the staff serving you. Below are some points to consider when you decide to choose a restaurant:

1. The location of a restaurant and its facilities

Find the nearest restaurant where you can easily walk there is a good option. It will be convenient for your budget. Of course, it is a different case when you have good location consideration like a lake, seaside, riverside or a spectacular view of a mountain. Always go to a place where you can eat outside comfortably without being sun-scorched. Check for secluded places in the restaurant if you need to discuss serious matters. Another option is go for restaurants that have private rooms for a small group with a good working table. Hotels are really good at this.

2. The cuisine and the chef

Check out the wine list first. In some restaurants, the wine list consists of six highly priced bottles of very good but very pricey wines. The Chef may have tried to match wines with menu and you need to weigh this up before you go. If the chef has a great reputation, it is worth checking out his/her place. When you just want to eat a particular cuisine and if that restaurant is the only one available of that style where you live, there is really not much choice. Check out if the chef comes from the country where that cuisine is from. You are more likely to get the real thing and not the stylized version of it. If you are really into ethnic originals, find out where folks from the country of that cuisines origin eat. It may be the best.

3. Value for the budget

When the whole family or a big group, you would look for one that will give you the best value for your budget. This does not mean being cheap, but getting a good meal that you feel happy about paying. Make sure who is paying or how to share the bill way before you go into the restaurant. Nothing leaves worse taste rather than the pulling the bill by everyone at the table.

4. Service

It is obvious to choose a restaurant with the best services. However, this tips involve you too. When you find a restaurant that you like, be nice with the waiters and waitresses. Treat them warmly as you would treat your own friends. You will find that they will give great service again and again. Be helpful and don’t too demanding. When you see them carrying many things to your table, arrange your table to give them space, or just take some of the things that are hard for them to place on some sides of your table. Some restaurants are often remote and a bit formal, even intimidating. Build a good relationship with the staffs and it becomes fun to be a regular.

5. Hygiene/Ambience.

For serious occasion, you may just want to check out the restaurant before you decide to book an evening there. Go have a drink and check out the place. Use the washroom. This often gives you the standard of hygiene followed in the restaurant. Always go to a place where you enjoy the general atmosphere and it fits you and the occasion. Do they play music? Check out for what kind of people who will be there. If you are pleasant to be around with these people as you have your dinner, then go book a table. Maybe, a specific table that away from the kitchen doors and not under the air conditioner.

6. Recommendation.

Words from reviews are important to consider. They give you an idea of what the restaurant is. Only takes advice from a reliable person. Ask workmates for recommendations (you'll learn a bit about them from their answers as well!). For big events, it is better to go to places that you have tried and tested. Otherwise, you can also make recommendations when someone asks for your opinion.

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