How to Choose a Motorcycle Repair Shop

How to Choose a Motorcycle Repair Shop

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Whatever type of motorcycle you own and drive, you need to learn at least basic repair and maintenance. This will ensure that you will get the maximum enjoyment out of your bike and prevent potential accidents while you are out on the open road.

Another benefit of having a basic understanding of repairs and maintenance is that it will also allow you to save a substantial amount of money, especially for simple tasks that you can DIY.

However, it should be underscored that some types of repairs and maintenance are better left to true professionals. But how do you know when it is better to go to a motorcycle repair shop rather than perform the repair by yourself?

You'd fare better by going to a repair shop if the task at hand requires the use of specialised tools and equipment. This will ensure that the repair is done correctly and quickly. But apart from that, most of these tools and equipment are too expensive for the average motorcycle owner and investing in these is not necessary. Simply put, think of the other gear and upgrades you can buy if you do not buy these.

Some types of repairs and maintenance are pretty straightforward and do not require specialist knowledge or skills and then there are some that do. For the latter, you would not want to take a gamble with the outcome — you'd want to take your bike to the pro.

With all these being said, the next order of business is finding a reputable motorcycle repair shop. Here are some tips that will make that task a little easier for you.

Ask for recommendations
If you know someone who owns a motorcycle or if you have just recently joined a bike group, ask for workshops that offer good services.

Go online
If you cannot get recommendations from people you know and trust, you can try searching for repair shops online.

Signs to look for
Good repair shops are typically crowded because they have a steady supply of clients waiting to have their motorcycles serviced.
Do not be tempted to choose a shop based on the size of the facility or the quality of their tools and equipment. Even smaller shops with older equipment can compete with their larger counterparts or even deliver better service.

Give it a shot
The best way to actually assess the quality of service of a shop is to try their service. Schedule a visit to a shop for a minor repair. From there, assess the capabilities of the shop in terms of speed, communication and customer service.


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