How to Buy Surplus Home Appliances

How to Buy Surplus Home Appliances

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What's shiny and new is not necessarily better. Take household appliances, for example.

Many people have been conditioned to believe that when you are buying appliances for your home, your best option would be to opt for new ones. However, there are several compelling reasons to opt for surplus or discounted home appliances. Like an unpolished gem, finding the right one can mean that you hit the jackpot in more ways than one.

Buying discount appliances is not for everyone. However, there are a few people who can benefit from buying used household equipment. If you are trying to effectively manage your expenses to save up for other important stuff, it is worth considering the idea of buying surplus appliances. Landlords, too, will discover that they can minimise their capital outlay while making their properties more attractive to tenants by investing in discounted appliances. Others who can benefit from these appliances are people who need something to practise their profession or hobby on, and people who collect retro stuff.

Here are a few ways to find hidden gems when visiting your local surplus appliance store.

Opt for big ticket items
These include refrigerators and freezers, washing machines and gas ranges. These appliances and similar ones are known to have long lifespans and can go on for long periods of time without having them repaired and maintained. More often than not, homeowners discard them simply because they have remodelled or redesigned their kitchens. Perhaps the previous owner simply wanted an upgrade.

What you'll get with these are highly functional appliances which may not be exactly mint but can still get the job done. Plus, they most likely do not require maintenance and repairs.

Narrow down your choices to trusted brands and models
If you are eyeing to buy surplus appliances, stick to the trusted brands which are renowned for the quality of their products. You may end up paying more, as compared to a cheaper product from an unknown brand. You do, however, get greater peace of mind, knowing that you got something from a reputable brand.

However, it does not necessarily mean that you got yourself a winner just because it was manufactured by a top brand. You would fare better by narrowing down your choices to more popular models. Why?

For one, you are assured that should something go awry, you will not have a difficult time finding replacement parts for your appliance. Popular models often have the greatest number of replacement parts.

If you've found a popular model from one of the top-tier brands, the next thing you should do is to actually look at the condition of the appliance. An appliance's overall appearance can clue you in on whether it is a good buy or not. Sure, these appliances will show plenty of wear and tear. However, watch out for mismatched colour panels. This is a sign that the appliance has been repaired a few times and you better opt for a different one.

Other options
If you are looking to save money, there are other options you can look into. These include buying appliances from friends and relatives or going to your local appliance store for scratched and dented appliances.


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