How to Build a Garden Beautifully on a Budget

How to Build a Garden Beautifully on a Budget

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A garden is always a welcome sight — who doesn't feel happier, calmer and more refreshed just by standing in the middle of a well-tended garden with lush green grass, vibrant and colourful blooms, carefully trimmed bushes, and tall, stately trees? With its fresh natural beauty, accompanied by a gentle breeze and the presence of birds and butterflies, this thriving little patch is certainly pleasing to the senses.

Of course, any homeowner can have a little green corner of their own — even if money's a little tight. With a few simple budget-friendly moves, you can build the garden you want without breaking the bank.

1. Be on the lookout for bargains. Because sunnier months inspire more people to get out and work on their garden, it's only logical that plants and gardening essentials will have higher prices at these times. So be mindful of your preferred plants' growing seasons and choose to buy them near the end, when their prices have dropped. And wait for clearance sales before stocking up on supplies like gloves, hoses, sprinklers, and tools.

2. Get free help and advice. Hiring a landscaping professional to build a garden for you would be out of the question if you're on a budget, but you can always strike up a conversation with the owners or employees of your local garden centre who can give you valuable plant care tips and techniques.

And because you'll be going the DIY route, maybe for the first time, you're bound to encounter some gardening issues (like how to irrigate your turf while you're away or how to prune your tree) that boggle the mind. Ask some relatives or friends who can lend a hand in getting these done, in exchange for a favour or a chore instead of money.

3. Think small — container small. If you can't have an entire garden or lawn, consider growing a beautiful assortment of plants in small containers. Find old pots, cans or porcelain bowls and transfer your purchased plants into those, then arrange them in an attractive display on your allotted space. Aside from flowers and foliage, you can also plant vegetables and herbs in old plastic bottles so you can enjoy a harvest as well.

4. Add a pretty bench that doubles as storage. You can buy an inexpensive garden bench or repurpose an old one so visitors can have a nice place to sit — and you'll have an easy-access storage option for your tools and supplies.

5. Incorporate some nice design details. Garden centres and even online retailers can offer affordable DIY pond kits, water fountains and birdbaths which can make fine additions to your little garden. Such features can serve as a focal point that will then be beautifully complemented by your healthy, colourful plants.


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