How Energy Efficient Building Works?

How Energy Efficient Building Works?

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Existing buildings are responsible for more than 40% of the world’s total primary energy consumption. Learn how energy efficient buildings can help in sustainability.

Sustainable Energy Efficient Building

Where Energy is Lost From Buildings

Roof: 25%

Walls: 50-60%



Existing buildings are responsible for more than 40% of the world's total primary energy consumption and for 24% of Global carbon dioxide emissions.

Building Primary Energy Consumption

Energy Efficient Building Solutions


Sustainable timber is now commonly available for both bulk timber uses (like particle board) and for high-end uses such as veneers. Careful specification at the start of the project will ensure there are no cost or programme implications for your project. Timber certified as being FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is considered the most sustainable available on the market.


What are you taking out? - Carpet can often be recycled and reused, perhaps look at charities that have recycled carpets from previous projects.
What are you putting in? - There are lots you can do to make your flooring more sustainable. You can choose carpets that have high levels of recycled content (these are now commonly available), ceramic tiles that clip together (no nasty solvent use) or use naturally sourced materials like sustainable timber or linoliem.


Avoid installing incandescent light and halogen down lights. In their place, florescent lights look good, are cost effective, require much less maintenance and are very energy efficient. For that extra sparkle or effect, look at LED lights. In addition, locating motion sensors in the right spots will also save loads of electricity and ensure lights are on and off at the right time. There are hundreds of energy efficient lighting products available easily on the market, some of which attract tax rebates.


During construction, the first is the minimization, removal and recycling of waste from the construction work involved in your project. This is the responsibility of the contractor. During occupation the second area is dealing with ongoing waste when your building is occupied. In our experience, if you make it easy for people to recycle they will design in attractively labelled containers in the kitchen and other places people drink and eat. Think about removing rubbish bins at people's desks. There are many companies who will collect and recycle your office waste.

Heating & Cooling

Improving the all round energy efficiency of the heating and cooling systems probably provides the biggest opportunity for impacting environmental performance. Install insulation whenever you can - it will help keep the building cool in summer and warm in winter at no cost post installation. Boilers can waste lots of energy and money - spend some time choosing the right boiler for your building needs. Clever air_conditioning systems use heat exchangers to capture surplus heat to warm incoming air.


Don't forget about the furniture you have installed. Depending on the design, consider specifying sustainable timber and natural fabrics like wool or those with a high recycled content. Consider buying furniture from manufacturers that have a good track record of protecting the environmental and have minimised the amount of packaging their products need.


Install water efficient taps, showers, toilet and kitchen appliances.

 - Waste less water. Choose low water flow fittings
 - Low flush toilets
 - Waterless urinals
 - Use rainwater or grey water systems
 - Fit a reliable leak detection system
 - Include proximity detection shut-off to the water supply for all WCs

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