How Can Chartered Accounts Help You Survive Tax Investigations?

How Can Chartered Accounts Help You Survive Tax Investigations?

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Tax investigations are no less than an actual nightmare scenario. It really does not feel great to have an envelope dropped at your doorway, announcing an income tax investigation to be conducted on a particular date. Sometimes, despite having done nothing illegal or wrong, people have to undergo the stress of this extremely time-consuming process. The worst is when the tax investigations drag on for months and years. Usually, the income tax department does not provide any reasons for beginning an investigation into your tax affairs, as some are just random picks. However, the majority of the cases start because the tax department suspects that something might be incorrect with the figures in the tax return. Thus, people who have to deal with an income tax investigation must seek professional guidance of a qualified Chartered Accountant.

These professionals can help you survive such inquiries with their expert skills in managing tax affairs. As they are highly knowledgeable about the whole process, called tax investigation, they can successfully represent your side in front of the taxmen. This way you can rest assured and concentrate on business and private affairs. A chartered accountant would not only make sure that your income tax affairs are correct and up-to-date, but would also attend meetings, as well as negotiate with the taxmen. People who have attended a long interview with the tax inspectors can testify as for how difficult and probe they are. A qualified chartered accountant would have an extensive knowledge about the information that officials are most likely to ask for and also, the questions which they might ask. A Chartered Accountant can even attend most of the meetings on the behalf of his client and thereby, reduce their anxiety of meeting the inspectors in person.

In the case of an outstanding tax, the accountant would negotiate with taxmen to decrease the remaining amount, as well as penalties. If you cooperate with the officials and provide full disclosure, then you can prevent yourself from being imposed heavy fines. The accountants usually know this fact and see to it that their clients are as cooperative to the inspectors as possible. Once the outstanding figure is decided, the officials generally request the person to pay the amount immediately. However, in case you do not have the needed amount at present, then your accountant can negotiate with the officials to give you more time to pay the money. While no one really relishes the thought of an income tax investigation, hiring the expert services of a qualified and reliable accountant can actually save you a great deal of money, worry and stress and therefore, help you successfully survive tax investigations, no matter how rigorous they are.

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