How A Tourist Information Centre Can Improve Your Holiday

How A Tourist Information Centre Can Improve Your Holiday

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There is nothing wrong with exploring a new city with just your wits about you, and probably a guide book and map so you can find your way around. The thrill and adventure of discovering new things is something every traveller hopes to experience.

The Unknown is Bad
Of course, that is until the discoveries yield more unpleasant things than good things, i.e., the hostel you booked exclusively provides grisly experiences where some guests have signed up to kill other unsuspecting guests.

But that’s stretching it a bit too far. The point is that while it does sound exciting to visit a new city without so much as a stick of information, it is also quite dangerous. And as a foreigner in a foreign land, you never want to get into any situation where “danger” becomes part of your itinerary.

Know More, Enjoy More
One of the best ways to keep the danger out of your holiday is to know as much as you can — from people who actually know. And that generally means heading into a tourist information centre.

The good news is that the modern tourist centre no longer resembles some stuffy, uninviting stand or corner in airports or malls or any tourist spot. Tourist centres have also gone beyond just the generic brochures that lead you to sites filled with way too many travellers.

The Modern Information Centre for Savvy Tourists
Today’s visitor information centres offer multiple services designed to help you enjoy your stay. You not only get details on numerous events and activities, some will take you to the tourist favourites and some may hint at underground hits, from local festivals to unusual walking tours. This should provide you with a fuller experience and insight into the life of the city.

You’ll also get access to better accommodations, in every budget. So if you want to explore further and don’t plan on staying in one hotel, you can ask the visitor information centre for recommendations. A knowledgeable and trained staff will give you sufficient information and guidance.

With advanced technology, most tourist information centres are also using multiple applications to deliver the kind of information you need, from bus schedules and rental cars to the best restaurants and shopping districts. Some of the more impressive technologies you can expect to use are QR codes, which are barcodes readable by smart phones and give you Web links and information, and cameras that use augmented reality or location recognition that deliver information, among many others.

A tourist information centre is your gateway to comprehensive and accurate information about the city you are visiting. As countries compete to entice travellers to stay longer, exciting developments are bringing this once overlooked resource to greater importance in all your travels. From improved services to impressive technologies make use of the visitor information centre. And improve your holiday now.


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