Hostel Tips for the Beginners

Hostel Tips for the Beginners

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Staying in a hostel is beneficial for busy, cost-conscious travellers. If you are new to this type of accommodation, and want to make sure your stay is safe, worry-free and even fun and interesting, here are some tips you can follow should you decide to stay in a hostel for your next trip:

Choosing your room
Solo women travellers may want to choose a ladies-only setup for added security and peace of mind. Ladies-only hostels are also thought to be usually cleaner and not too noisy than non-exclusive spaces.

Get to know the place
Once you arrive in your room, make sure to inspect everything in it, such as the appliances, to make sure they are working properly. Also, walk around the hostel to see if there are potential spots you can visit at night or during the day.

Choose the bottom bunk
Try to get a bottom bunk when you pick or are assigned a bed. It is much easier to access and will allow you reach your belongings more comfortably. Plus it can save you from trouble should you had a few bottles of drink at night.

Opt for a travel sheet
A travel sheet is a sleeping bag with a different material; it is basically two sheets sewn together. Most hostels will already have bed linens ready for guests. But if you need a travel sheet sack, some hostels offer a sleep sheet for a rent. You also might want to bring your own travel sheet, to be sure.

Bring your own toiletries
Toiletries and towels are usually not offered in most hostels. Also, most bathroom facilities are shared, so make sure to wear flip flops while using the bathroom for your own safety.

Bring earplugs
When you are in a shared room, you can’t often ask for other people to be quiet when you need to sleep, do some work or read. That is why earplugs are necessary.

Dress in layers
Even though it may be cold when you go to bed, it’s amazing how much heat a room full of people can generate just from their bodies, so dress in layers when you go to sleep so you can adjust your clothing as needed.

Keep your valuables with you
Never leave your money, passport and other valuables in your hostel room. It’s better to keep those important stuff in the hostel’s locker or safe.

Mingle around
Hostels are the best places to meet other people and make friends. Introduce yourself to your hostel-mates or share something about your travel experience. Your new friends will probably share valuable travel tips you can use for your next destination.

Have fun
In general, backpackers or budget travelers are decent and trustworthy people, so there is no need to be paranoid. Meet new friends and have fun.


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