Home Maintenance Made Easy: 10 Essential Tips

Home Maintenance Made Easy: 10 Essential Tips

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A lot of creativity goes into running a property.

Google’s done it by renting goats to “mow” its lawns, which is not just eco-friendly but absolutely adorable to watch. The energy that crematoriums generate is used to heat up the homes of Swedes and Danes; dead bodies can warm up homes, it turns out. And some homeowners use brass doorknobs because the ions in the metal have a toxic effect on viruses, fungi, and various germs, disinfecting within eight hours.

Home maintenance isn’t easy, and sometimes it’s the thing that just sucks the fun out of your weekends. But you need to do it. Otherwise, your home will look untidy, become unhealthy for you and your family, and it will need frequent repairs; the most poorly maintained homes turn into money pits.

To save money and keep your home clean, you could try some creative strategies (goats on your lawn would certainly look bucolic). Or you could do these 10 easy tips.

1. Get your plumbing checked. Leaks have a way of turning into costly repairs and increasing water bills. You’ll want to make sure your pipes are working properly for winter, and that precautions, e.i., weatherproofing, are taken to prevent damages during the cold months.

2. Replace your air conditioner filters. When these get dirty, they keep your air conditioners from running efficiently. And if you’re overworking your units during summer, you end up paying more for your energy bills.

3. Check your smoke detectors. The impact of a fire is greatly reduced when your smoke detectors and alarms are in working order, that the batteries are still good; they need replacement every six months.

4. Your roofing system should get inspected for leaks, loose or missing shingles, corrosion, and the like. This includes the gutters and downpipes. A damaged or badly maintained roof will keep your home unsafe, particularly in bad weather; and it will also affect the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

5. Check the caulking and weatherstripping around your windows and doors.

6. Get your chimney (if you have one) cleaned and your septic tank pumped.

7. Go down to your basement and have a look around for signs of leaks, cracks, and mould.

8. Check your bathroom for recaulking or regrouting.

9. Check your showerheads and faucet aerators for mineral deposits; get them cleaned with the proper disinfectant to prevent bacteria build up.

10. Clean your windows, siding, and the entire exterior area of your home. For hard to clean surfaces, and when appropriate, get power washing.


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