Hiring The Right Painters for Your Home: Why and How

Hiring The Right Painters for Your Home: Why and How

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Which services can you expect from a painter?

Professional painters are responsible for the painting and decorating of buildings. They are not only applying the paint but they usually also offer preparation of the surface to be painted; including scraping, sanding, wallpaper removal, caulking, drywall or wood repair, patching, stain removal, filling nail holes or any defects with plaster or putty, cleaning, taping. The preparation is the most important part of the job, if not completed properly it will result in a poorly finished paint job and premature breakdown. Make sure that this service is clearly outlined in the quote. Check also whether the painter will include cleaning up and removal of paint from all surfaces (windows, floors) and giving suggestions on the paint products.

Why Hire A Professional Painter:

It may be tempting to start painting your home by yourself to save money. You may think it can be a fun and rewarding experience. But it can also turn into a much larger job than expected. Unless you have renovation experience, a love for painting, and lots of spare time, hiring a professional painter may be a smart investment for the following reasons:

Health and Safety

Painting can be hazardous work. Professional painters know how to work on ladder or deal with solvents and dust, thus can minimise the risks. They also have the appropriate safety equipment to keep you and your family and themselves safe.


Professional painters know how to properly prepare the surface, which makes all the difference. If there is insufficient surface preparation, bubbles, strikes and streaks would most likely appear.

Painting Knowledge

Professional painters know which paints to use in each situation and how to apply them. You make sure to get a room with rich, pure and appealing colour.


Professional painters come armed with an arsenal of tools and equipment needed for the job. This saves the homeowner from having to rent or buy the tools necessary to complete the project, especially when dealing with elevated areas.

Cleaning-Up and Disposal

Professional painters deal with all the paint residue and leftovers and know how to handle hazardous wastes and how to dispose them.

How to Choose the Right Professional Painter:

When you have decided to hire a professional painter, you have to choose one that you trust for the job. Here are some tips and advice on how to properly assess a painter before hiring him to avoid common pitfalls.

1. Check the qualifications.

Check if the contractor carries a current Painting and Decoration Licence, which is regulated by the individual states. Also, check if he is affiliated with professional industry organisations like the Master Painters, Decorators and Signwriters Association so that you make sure that the painter has proper qualifications and aspires to high standards of work. Also, find out whether they have worked with local homebuilders or well-known local companies.

2. Make sure that the contractor has insurances.

He must have a Public Liability Insurance to protect your personal property and your family. He must also have an Accident and Sickness Insurance to protect you from being liable if a painter injures himself while in your home. Insist on getting a copy of their certificates of insurance.

Professional painters working in the best interest of customers will be more than happy to provide the requested information.

3. Ask for a list of references.

If possible, visit completed jobs so that you can see the quality of the work for yourself. Make sure that the job was completed within the time and budget, that the customer was satisfied with the result, that there was no disruption to the household, that the contractor and employees treated them professionally and with respect. As the contractor will only give you good references, you can also ask previous clients if they know of any other work the contractor has performed.

4. Arrange a meeting.

Ensure that the painter is professional. Meet face-to-face and discuss your project’s requirements. Does he look clean, neat and tidy? Does he have communication skills? Is he punctual? You need to be able to trust him and make sure he won’t damage the items in your house.

5. Get quotes.

Always get at least 3 quotes of your project with estimations including the price, estimated job duration, progress payments, materials to be used and terms and conditions. Make sure the contractors are quoting on the same specifications - areas to be painted, the number of coats and so forth.

Don’t choose your contractor only on price! Painting is a skilled trade and requires considerable expertise and experience. Someone who warrants his or her services is preferable over someone who doesn't, no matter the cost.

6. Execute a written contract.

This contract should clearly specify the scope of the work to be performed, time schedules and payment procedures, the brands and colours to be used in each location as well as the number of coats. Make sure the contract specifies that the painter is responsible for cleanup and the removal of paint from all surfaces (windows, floors).

Ensure that the contractor is buying premium quality paint and the exact colours you need. Get paint charts at general home centres or paint stores, ask questions regarding the quality and durability of proposed products. The use of high-quality products is as important as the selection of the painter.

Discuss any guarantee or warranty programs the contractor may offer.You need a promise that the painter will come back and fix his work if problems occur, for example, if painted walls are suddenly bubbling or flaking.

Pricing and How to Cut Costs:

- Hourly rates for professional painting range from $25 to $60, depending on the quality and durability of paint, the room size, the preparation needed for the surfaces, the amount of furniture to be moved or covered, the number of the coat, etc. Prices may vary incredibly from company to company, thus getting the best price will require a bit of research on your part.
- You may also pay $45 to $60 for a premium service and hire a team of two or more painters, which can actually save money in the end as many hands make light work.
- To get the better price, get at least 3 quotes of your project with estimations including the price, estimated job duration, progress payments, materials to be used and terms and conditions. Make sure the contractors are quoting on the same specifications - areas to be painted, the number of coats and so forth.
- Refuse to give the painters a large down payment. Don’t give them more than 10% of the total price of the job before he starts working.

If you have decided to hire painters for your home, choose the top painting services in Australia.


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