Hints And Tips On Creating Statement Walls With Tiles

Hints And Tips On Creating Statement Walls With Tiles

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Published by TOP4 Team

Tiles are so versatile that you not only use them for flooring but you’ll also be able to install them for your walls. The best part about tiles, other then their durability, functionality, and elegance, is that you can maximise their decorative appeal by creating a feature wall.

Feature walls, depending on their scale and concept, can deliver a bold statement or a subtle yet eye-catching backdrop to your space. You can have a feature wall in your bathroom. You can have a feature wall in your living room. You can have one in your patio, where you entertain guests. Wherever you decide to add a statement wall with tiles, you need to make sure it’s done the right way so that you get the desired effect.

Here are some things to think about:

Choose the right type of tiles for your statement wall.
From glazed to natural finish, tiles for walls come in different finishes. There are also some feature tiles designed to produce specific effects, like 3D feature tiles or wallpaper-type feature tiles. Such tiles create the perfect statement for spaces that need more than unique patterns on walls.

Plan patterns or styles that complement your entire home.
A statement wall can only work for your interior space if it ends up elevating it; if it clashes too much or is miles away from the overall design of your home, then it could end up becoming an eyesore. For instance, your kitchen has a kind of colonial Cuban style to it and then you decide to add a cartoon-like statement wall for the breakfast nook.

Indeed, you want to achieve a unique quality for your home but anything too unique could take away from the harmony of your interior design.

Plan everything out before buying your tiles.
You don’t want to buy too many tiles because you might waste money, at the same time, you don’t want to have to make another order of tiles from your suppliers. The key is proper planning. Once you know the kind of tiles you need and the kind of pattern or design for your statement wall, you’ll have a good idea of the quantity of tiles to complete the job.

Hire a professional installer.
It might just be a small line running down the middle of your shower area or just a section of your bedroom. But it is always a good idea to leave the job up to professional tile installers. Mistakes could end up costing you money, and professionals get the job done right.

Also, with professional installers, you can ask about doing a contrasting grout, i.e., light grout with dark tiles, to add to the whole effect of your statement wall.


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