Here's a Fitness Hack That Involves Household Chores

Here's a Fitness Hack That Involves Household Chores

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Want to exercise but have no luxury of time to do it? Don’t worry, you can still exercise while doing household chores. Here are some tips for you.

1. Cleaning the floor
Scrub all the floors in your house using a brush instead of a mop. Do squats while aiming for those hard-to-reach corners. When you sweep, squeeze in your stomach and oblique muscles. Keep your back straight while extending the broom as far as possible.

2. Doing the laundry
Washing clothes is a good exercise for your arms, specifically when you’re wringing the wet items of clothing. Bend frequently while rinsing clothes. Stretch out your arms while hanging them out to dry.

3. Picking up items
Find the most disorderly spot in the house and get into plank position with your shoulders over your hands, core braced and bum down. Lift one hand to pick up an item. You can also squat for 15 seconds. If you are unable to do it for 15 seconds, begin with 5 seconds and increase as your hamstrings and quadriceps grow larger.

4. Cooking
You can tune in to your favourite playlist and move your hips while stirring the food you’re cooking. You can also do spins and walk in place while waiting. If you just want to stand still, you can do shoulder squeezes. Pull your shoulders together for 3 seconds at a time and then release.

5. Washing the windows
When washing windows, use a cloth to wipe the window surfaces in a circular motion. This movement is good for conditioning your shoulders. Take the opportunity to stretch out while reaching the top part of the window (use a stool or ladder if cannot reach it). Climbing up and down the stool will help strengthen and tone your calf muscles.

6. Raking the yard
When picking up leaves, pull as far as possible and squat, rather than bend. Keep your back straight so will not end up with lower back strain.

7. Vacuuming the house
Move furniture aside by bending your knees and straightening your back. As you vacuum, squeeze in your abdominal and buttock muscles.

8. Washing your car
Washing your car by hand can give your arms, core muscles and legs a great workout. Reach out to the top of the car and use a sponge to clean it. While cleaning the tyres, squat on the floor.

9. Making the bed
Pulling out the sheets, dusting or turning over the mattress, tucking in and straightening the bed spreads, and fluffing the pillows help tone your upper body. While making your bed, you can do triceps dips. Sit on the edge of the bed and place your hands next to you, with your fingers forward. Scoot your seat off the bed until you are only supported by your arms and feet, lower down slowly and push back up.

Don’t let your hectic schedule hinder you from exercising. Find ways to integrate exercise in your daily routine. For more fitness tips, get help from the top fitness experts in Australia today.


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