Handbags for Your Style and Body Type

Handbags for Your Style and Body Type

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Most fashionable women consider the handbag as an important accessory to complete each outfit. But as you continue to look for new styles of handbags, it can be easy to became so focused simply on following the latest fashion styles without considering if the handbags will suit your figure, lifestyle and needs. Blindly following trends is one of the common errors that most handbag shoppers make.

Instead of purchasing the right handbag that match their body type, some shoppers tend to look only at the brand and design just to be in step with the newest trend in fashion. But this approach is not often the best way to make your getup look polished and put-together. Always remember that everything you wear and carry must have some suitability with your figure.

Handbags, clutches and similar luggage items are an everyday necessity, and can complement a woman’s wardrobe, as well as make a fashion testimonial. They’re great investments whether you’re eyeing for a handbag for daily use or for a special event.

Fortunately, you can get a good quality handbag easily today, with so many collections of designer handbags offered in the market, whether as an exclusive waiting-list only item or on sale.

Below are some tips for choosing the right handbag:
1. Know the right size of handbag for you. Knowing the right size of a handbag specifically for your figure should be the first thing to consider. This will help you to discover the most suitable bag that would look best for you.

2. Consider the length of the bag. Remember, the part of your body where the lowest part of the bag sits will be emphasized. If you have small hips, requiring a bag which sits on your hips will make you look more feminine. If you have large hips, go for a bag which sits at your waist line, so it will emphasize the narrowing of your waist, hence you look slimmer.

3. Turn to colour. Neutrals and browns are best for working professionals because they tend to blend in with corporate and business environments. For the creative set, loud prints and colours won’t be an issue and can even enhance your out-of-the-box perspective.

4. Think about the style that you really want to carry for the day. If you typically wear casual clothes, do not go for a formal bag. To keep your look fresh and updated, do a little bit of research. Check out fashion magazines, blogs and lookbooks for more ideas.


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