Hair Treatment and Care Tips

Hair Treatment and Care Tips

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Having long luxurious hair is considered as the most valuable asset of most women. Good hair care and treatment is essential, since it will help in preventing brittle strands and split ends. This is most especially true when you susceptible to heat and extreme weather conditions. To maintain your hair in top shape in such a simple way, follow these tips:

1. Massage Your Scalp

Massaging your scalp regularly will help in stimulating the growth of hair follicles. It also helps in reducing your stress levels. Use your fingertips when massaging your scalp. You can also gently pull your hair. This will help promote blood circulation, thus create healthy hair.

2. Use Keratin or Amino Acid Containing Shampoos

These shampoos contain ingredients that coat the hair shaft and protect it from further damage. The ingredients will help filling the cracks and spaces from damaged hair follicles. Also remember not to shampoo your hair everyday, because too much shampoo can also strip the moisture from your hair.

3. Always Use a Heat Protectant

If you like to blow dry or use curling irons and other tools to shape your hair, it is essential to spray on some heat protectant. The ingredients from this product will coat your hair follicles so that the heat won’t be able to damage on your hair. It will also make your hair look shiny and bouncy.

4. Obtain a Balanced, Nutritious Diet

The old proverb which said “you are what you eat “ is true. If you keep on having a diet that consists of great portions and not much of nutrients, then for sure, your body will develop a weak immune system, cardiac disorders and yes, weak and limp hair. Obtaining a healthy lifestyle that consists of a balanced and nutritious diet will definitely give your hair a lot of jam-packed nutrients that would them healthy and strong.

5. Handle Stress Productively

If you easily get stressed out, chances are, you will notice that your hair will become weak and prone to breakage. Stress is indeed a part of our daily life, but how we deal with it is the most important. Since stress levels have a great impact on our body, it is best to learn techniques in order to reduce it. This is a simple technique that you can try to minimise the impact of stress: sit upright, take a deep breathe in, hold for a few seconds, release it normally and effortlessly, all the while focusing only on your breathing, and nothing else. Start by repeating these steps for 60 seconds, and increase it to 5, 10, 15 minutes, or however long you can manage it. The longer the duration, the better your stress relief. Also, try going out for long walks in the park, or do physical exercises or aerobics that increase your heart rate.

Beside those tips, there are some important items that you will need to take care of your hair:


Shampoos are great for cleaning your hair. It helps get rid of the dirt and oil that has accumulated throughout the day. There are many shampoos that suitable to different types of hair Choose one that suits your type.


Brushing your hair regularly will not only prevent your from looking like a frizzhead, it will also help distribute the oils from your hair so that your hair will shine beautifully and make them look bouncy. Invest in a good quality brush that will last you through the years.

Wide Toothed Comb

A wide toothed comb is a must especially if you are trying to comb through wet hair. Using a brush while your hair is wet can be a little harsh and it will also cause breakage. A comb can straighten tangles without damaging the hair.


If you want to get really soft, manageable and tangle-free hair, a conditioner should be included in your daily routine. Conditioners contain moisturizing agents that coats your hair. This will protect your hair from harsh elements.

Dry Shampoo

For those non-shampoo days where your hair feels a little bit greasy and you just can’t stand it, a dry shampoo helps in absorbing any excessive oil in your hair. Your hair will smell fresh and clean. Alternatively, you can use baby powder to brush through your hair. It will also absorb the excess oil.


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