Hair Colour: How to Make Your Crowning Glory More Lovely

Hair Colour: How to Make Your Crowning Glory More Lovely

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When choosing a hair colour, the basic rule is to keep to one or two shades at each side of your original tone. It’s probably best to try a temporary colourant first. If you like the result, you can choose a semi-permanent or permanent colourant next time. If you want to be a platinum blonde and you’re a natural brunette, you should seek the advice of a professional hairdresser.

Consider a change in hair colour only if your hair is in good condition. Dry, porous hair absorbs colour too rapidly, leading to a patchy result.

Special Hair Colouring Techniques
- Flying colours: A combination of colour is applied with combs and brushes to the middle lengths and tips of the hair.
- Highlights/Lowlights: Fine strands of hair are tinted or bleached lighter or darker, or colour is added just to give an overall lighter effect.
- Slices: Assorted colours are applied through the hair to emphasise a cut and show movement.

Colouring White Hair
If you just want to cover a few white hairs, use a temporary or semi-permanent colour which will last for six to eight weeks. Choose one that is natural to your hair colour. If your hair is brown, apply a warm brown colour to pick out the white areas and give your hair lighter chestnut highlights. Alternatively, use henna to give your hair a glossy finish, and at the same time produce stunning red highlights.

When your hair is completely white, it can be covered with a permanent tint, but with this type of colourant, it’s necessary to update the colour every four to six weeks, a fact that you should take into consideration before choosing this option.

Strictly speaking, lightening the colour of hair is considered bleaching, but in the present times, bleaching refers specifically to any treatment that removes hair colour — rather than adding colour, which is the purpose of permanent colourants. There are several types of bleach on the market that ranges from the mild brighteners that lift hair colour a couple of shades to the most powerful mixes that completely strip your hair of its natural colour.

Bleaching is quite difficult to do and is best done by a professional hairdresser. If bleaching products are misused, they can be very harsh and on the hair and make it dry. To get the best results, make sure your hair is in an optimum condition prior to bleaching. Once your hair has been bleached, you’ll need regular intensive conditioning treatments.

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