Habits That Will Help You Attain Optimal Spinal Health

Habits That Will Help You Attain Optimal Spinal Health

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Developing good habits takes discipline and consistency. Here are some great tips that will not only get you moving again but also may prevent you from suffering from long-term back problems.

Enhance your posture.
Our waking hours are largely spent sitting, standing or walking. Your posture can be aided by doing simple things such as standing up straight and not slouching.

Take a break from your phones and screens.
Working at a computer for long periods of time or texting on your mobile device can often create a lot of strain on your neck, which then develops neck pain. Text neck is the new catch phrase used to describe injuries and pain caused by looking down at wireless devices too long. Symptoms associated with the dreaded text neck are chronic headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, upper back pain and increased curvature of the spine. In fact, some studies have suggested that text neck may lead to early onset arthritis and decreased lung capacity. If you think you have text neck or headache, neck pain or back pain from staring at your computer screen too long, don’t wait.

Support your back when you carry heavy things.
Picking up and moving heavy items without supporting your back can lead to serious back injuries. However, bracing your core muscles and bending your knees (rather than your back), can make moving items much safer. This also relates to smaller items you carry around every day, such as handbags and gym bags. Although bags are fashionable, an unsupportive bag filled with heavy items can lead to spinal strain and pain.

Exercise regularly.
Staying active and healthy is important for our spine, posture and overall health. However, our lives are becoming more sedentary, which can contribute to back, shoulder, neck and arm pain. Integrate exercise into your day by getting up from your desk every half an hour, walking to work, taking up a sport or using your lunch break to do some exercise.

Sleep in the best position for your spine.
Posture isn’t only important during the day – we spend approximately one-third of our lives sleeping, so our position upon sleeping is important, too. Poor spinal health can lead to lower back or neck pain, which can, in turn, impact our sleep, denying us of the physical and mental rejuvenation sleep brings.

Consider visiting a chiropractor near you once in a while.


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