Guide To Outdoor Wooden Furnitures

Guide To Outdoor Wooden Furnitures

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To many homeowners, wood is the no-doubt the best material for furnitures. The natural beauty, malleability and durability of wood allow for the material to be transformed into practically anything.One of these useful transformation is the wooden furniture.

When it comes to color, although wood is confined to shades of brown, red, and yellow, it has thousands of different hues, tones and grain directions that literally, we can safely say that no two pieces of wood are the same.

Wood furnitures are either made from hardwood or softwood. This classification is based on which tree the wood came from. Hardwood refers to broad-leafed trees while softwood refers to needle-bearing trees.

Here is a brief guide on wood furnitures that will give you the basic knowledge before investing on a set you deem perfect for your patio.

Types of Wood

  1. Redwood
    Redwood is a hardwood harvested from China and North America. It is reddish in color, very durable and Its grain is straight, making it ideal for furnitures. Redwood is also termite resistant. When treated and maintained properly furnitures made from redwood can last as long as twenty-five years.

  2. Cedar
    Cedar is softwood quick-growing tree from North America. It is resistant to insects, molds and mildew. Like the redwood, furnitures made from cedar can last up to twenty-five years if treated properly.

  3. Teak
    Teak is the most durable of hardwoods. It can last for more than fifty years and is naturally resistant to rot and decay. Teak can survive the harshest of weather all year long. Teak is harvested primarily from Northeast Asia.

  4. Jarrah
    Jarrah is reddish hardwood harvested from Australian mass plantations. Its natural resilience and decay-resistance make it perfect for flooring and panelling. Jarrah can last up to fifty years.

  5. Robie
    Yellowish hardwood preferred by homeowners and builders because it is lightweight and easy to shape and build. Robie is harvested from South America. Robie can last for twenty-five years.

  6. Eucalyptus
    Tropical eucalyptus is harvested from Australia. Naturally rot-resistant, this hardwood is known to last for decades.

  7. Pine
    Pine is a softwood available almost from anywhere in the world. They are yellowish in color and very light and malleable, making it easy to work with. Pine rots easily and it is vital that furnitures made from this material be treated and sealed to prolong their lives.


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