Guide To Decorating Your Entryway

Guide To Decorating Your Entryway

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The entryway, commonly referred to as the foyer, is the first section of the house that family members and guests can see the moment they step in. Think of it as an extension of the doorway welcoming and leading you home. As its name suggests, the entryway must evoke that welcoming vibe that gives a visual announcement of a safe and happy shelter ahead.

For most people, first impressions last, and your house is no exception, especially the entryway. As far as first impressions go, it is therefore vital for homeowners to decorate their entryways.

Here is a brief guide to get you started.

  1. Color
    Since this is where you make your first impression, color plays a vital role in evoking that desired mood. Note that the color you choose will define this particular space so you better pay extra attention as to which color would be suitable

    Warm earth tones with accents defined in contrasting colors normally do the trick. For bolder and more contemporary approach, choose dark contrasting colors and light-colored accents. This particular color scheme shouts out character and stability in one very effective visual announcement.

  2. Rug
    Installing a runner rug that runs the length of the hallway draws people in. It is mostly a psychological instinct with people whenever they see a welcoming path. In the absence of a rug, or if you don't want the trouble of cleaning out the rug from time to time, paint the floor instead. Using a contrasting color, you can paint a runner path down the length of the hallway.

  3. Pictures
    Hang framed pictures of interests along the walls of the entryway. This picks at people's curiosity and encourages them to ask questions and start conversations.

  4. Mirror
    A strategically placed mirror would reflect and shoot light towards the darker area of the entryway that needs to be eliminated.

  5. Chair
    A chair and a small coffee table would add a touch of cozy to your foyer. Place them only if there's an available nook for it. Make sure it is not in any way blocking the runner.

  6. Lights
    A pendant or a chandelier or a slick lamp instead of the traditional contemporary lightings can add interesting and dramatic effects to your foyer.

  7. Plants
    Consider putting a potted plant in a corner or on top of a narrow table. A touch of green in a non-obtrusive section always brightens up the mood.


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