Guide To Bedroom Quilts

Guide To Bedroom Quilts

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Quilts are basically bed coverings. Not to be confused with blanket or duvan, a quilt consists of three layers stitched together either by hand or sewing machine, the direction of which normally follows the design pattern of the fabric.

Whether you actually use it or not, quilts add a visual appeal to your bedroom regardless of its placement. You can spread it over the bed or hang it over a rack, whichever way, quilts add that needed visual warmth that a bedroom needs to make it more inviting.

Aesthetics aside, quilts are also very functional as they offer great comfort for sleeping. The three layers offer just the right amount of luxury and comfort when you lay down your body to sleep.

There is no reason for the quilt to be washed frequently unless spread over a child or an elderly person's bed where frequent washing is required. Quilts can do with a yearly washing.

Although most quilts are washable with machine, always use a mild soap with your machine set to "gentle" to preserve the quilt's soft texture.

Periodically, you may toss the quilt in the machine dryer with fabric softener and a few tennis balls to freshen it up.

You may also have the quilt dry cleaned in a professional laundry shop if you neither have the time nor the energy to do the job yourself.


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