Guide To Bedroom Decorating

Guide To Bedroom Decorating

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Decorating your bedroom is no walk in the park. Because it is the one room in the household where you park yourself and recharge after a long day, you definitely have higher expectations on your bedroom rather than, say, the living room.

The bedroom therefore must be comfortable. A badly decorated bedroom is the opposite of comfort and diminishes your relaxation quotient, ruins your day and further increases your stress level. If the bedroom is no longer comfortable, then it defeats the purpose.

Here are some important factor to consider when decorating your bedroom.

1. Comfort
For maximum comfort, choose the largest bed that your bedroom can accomodate. Remember that it is always better to lie down and get comfortable in a wide rather than narrow bed. Indulging yourself in a king size bed after a long hard day replenishes your strength and prepares you for next day's battle, feeling refreshed.

Try out the bed from the store before buying it. Make sure that you are comfortable with its size and cushioning.

Consider also the bed linen for the bed, Remember that texture is important in comfort. Afterall, it is in the texture where you rest your body for comfort.

Nothing like letting in the sun after a long comfy night. Make sure your bed is not facing the windows directly, especially if the windows are in direct contact with the rising sun. thiis to avoid the sun hitting you directly in your eyes. or nothing irritates more than the sun waking you up when you need a few minutes more of precious sleep.

Consider putting drapes or curtains on the windows. Curtains filter out the sun and reduces the heat precipitated by the direct rays.

Lighting a bedroom is tricky. On the one hand, you want the bedroom well-lit for when you're trying to find something in the closet, on the other hand, you don't want the room too bright because bright lights stimulate the brain and make it harder to sleep.

The trick therefore is to install dimmers. That way, you can adjust the brightness of the lights accordingly, depending on your need.

4. Walls
Bright colored walls give the illusion of space, making the bedroom appear larger than it seems.

Consider also hanging a painting or two on the walls. Imagine seeing your favorite pictures every time you wake up. Get inspired at the beginning of each day.

5. Ceiling
The ceiling is almost always ignored or took for granted. Remember that it is the ceiling that you see everytime you lie down on your big bed.

If the ceiling is unpleasant to look at, then your relaxation quotient is invariably diminished.

Try to make the color of the ceiling blend in with the overall color theme of the whole room. The ceiling does not have to be the same color with the walls. Try same color but different tone. It adds more character and breaks monotony.


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