Guide in Organising Your Bedroom

Guide in Organising Your Bedroom

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1. Keep them close. positioning of bedrooms needs thought. They should be near bathrooms and away from noisy living rooms.

2. Will the bed fit? Believe it or not, some bedrooms are too small for the bed. The most popular bed with couples is the queen size.

3. Watch Windows. Make sure there’s a clear wall to the stand the bed against. It’s not ideal to have a bed under a window, particularly if it’s only window in the room. if you want long windows in a small room, position them either side of the bed behind the bedside tables. This gives the room light and balance but doesn’t limit where the bed goes.

4. Mirror Doors. Small room will feel bigger if you have mirrored wardrobe doors. For a different look, have a mirrored panels outlined with timber moulding like a series of small windows. Or you can simply mirror a wall. It will be a great asset when you’re getting dressed.’

5. Bedhead storage. Built-in bedhead will double for storage. A bank of drawers on either side of the bed can enclose a mirrored and lit space behind the bed which can be used as a dressing table.

6. Inspired Bed Linen. Living Rooms are on show to the world. A bedroom is a private place where you can indulge your fantasies. Here you can go wild with colour, swim against the fashion tide and generally do your own thing.

7. Make light Work. Consider lights in the wardrobes so you can see into dark corners and pelmet lighting over the window to give a warm, background glow. And don’t overlook a central ceiling for flick-of-the-switch convenience when you enter the room.

8. Rooms that grow. When you are decorating a child’s bedroom, don’t make it too babyish. Children grow quickly and you want the room to grow with them. Bypass babyish wallpapers and borders and stick with neutral shade. Pink or blue tends to look a bit old fashioned and you risk choosing the wrong colour if you do the decorating before the birth.

9. Cantilever shelf Saves Space. Another sensible space saving idea for a child’s room is to build a cantilever shelf on one wall. Support it with big brackets underneath and there will be no legs to get in the way of spare beds -- one end can be positioned under the bench -- or floor games. The shelf can start out as toy storage and when the child grows and gets homework it will be a useful desk.

10. Add Colour WIth Accessories. If you are nervous about fashion's whims -- and these days they affect decor as much as clothes -- stay neutral in the bedroom and inject colour with accessories. Stick with cream or crisp white bed linen and add colour with cushions and a blanket or throw. Make pillowcases purely for show in a rich, colourful fabric such as a brocade, and match them with a throw that you can fold at the foot of the bed. It’d stunningly simple and you can change them as fashion’s wheel turns.


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