Give Your Feet Some TLC

Give Your Feet Some TLC

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Taking care of your feet requires more than just getting the occasional pedicure. We take an average of three million steps a year, so it’s important to keep our feet looking and feeling good. Here are foot care tips from podiatrist Andrea Castello.

From birth until about the age of eight, our feet are forming, developing and changing. If you notice that your child (especially at a young age) seems to be tripping and falling a lot, wants to be carried all the time, or often complains of leg pain particularly at night, take him or her for a checkup with a podiatrist. Children who sleep on their tummies with their feet tucked underneath them also need to be seen by a medical expert.

Women in this age bracket tend to wear high heels a lot. If your feet frequently feel tired or painful, have them checked by a professional. When having a pedicure, make sure the nail technician uses new, disposable or fully sterilised nail cleaning and grooming tools.

Your feet experience more pressure as you get older and middle-aged spread starts to happen. If you are carrying an extra 10-15 kilos and are overweight, you might experience a heel problem. For every step you take, you’re putting two to three times your bodyweight onto your foot. Try to lose the weight without through aqua aerobics, stationary bike cycling and smilar exercises that do not put added pressure on your feet.

Those who belong to this age group, especially women taking care of their families, tend to put their health last. Foot care is often last on their priorities. If you have a health problem, get it checked as early as possible.

Menopausal Changes
Peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women often have more foot issues than other age groups. At this age, muscles and tendons tend to lose their elasticity, leading to a greater risk of injury. If you have worked in a sedentary job or have not been consistent with exercise for decades and then suddenly take up jogging, it can place you at greater risk of developing foot problems due to poor conditioning.

Whatever your age is, you have to keep moving. Be active and use your feet. The more active you are, the better it is for your feet. Run, jump, climb, wear different shoes (not the same ones every day), try different activities — that’s the best therapy you can give your feet.

For the best care for your feet — and your overall health — visit one of these trusted medical experts and facilities in Australia.


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