Garage Door Options for Your Home

Garage Door Options for Your Home

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Garage doors serve an important purpose in a residential property: They ensure the security and safety of your vehicle and all other possessions that you store in your garage. Being entry and exit points, they also provide another means of helping traffic flow through your home. In addition, they are among the first things that people see upon laying eyes on your house.

With these in mind, it's only logical to put much thought into your choice of garage door for your home. In Australia, the available options are typically grouped into the kind of opening mechanism designed for the door. You can take your pick of the following garage door types, taking your specific needs and preferences into consideration.

Rolling Garage Doors

Rolling Doors
Rolling or roller garage doors are the most common type found in Australian homes. That's because these doors are built to be durable, they are available at good prices, and custom sizes are easy to obtain.

The advantages of rolling doors include:
· They have a wide range of finishes and colours.
· You have the option to purchase manual or automatic versions depending on your budget and maintenance requirements.
· The vertical opening doesn't require tracks to be installed in a garage, so they won't take up so much space.
· They can come with insulation, which helps improve the garage's indoor temperature.

If you choose rolling doors, these are the common disadvantages:
· The plain build and design may not offer much to your property in terms of aesthetic appeal.
· Although designed to be durable, these doors can be damaged and get dents.

Sectional Panel Lift Garage Door

Sectional Panel Lift Doors
These are a good bet if you want a more distinctive look for your home's facade.

The advantages of sectional garage doors include:
· It has greater durability — thanks to each panel having its own connection to the track (using hinges)
· These doors can also come with insulation to help improve temperature and comfort in the garage.
· Panel doors come in a wide range of designs and can be fitted into various garage configurations.
· They don't take up too much driveway space.
· Sectional panel lift garage doors assure quiet operation, so they won’t cause noise and disruptions regardless of the time of day they're opened and closed.

If you choose sectional panel lift doors, these are the common disadvantages:
· These doors may not be ideal for garages with limited overhead space.
· They're more expensive than rolling doors.

Whichever garage door type you select, your specific needs should be taken into consideration against different factors (ease of operation for both adults and children in the household, noise level, maintenance, price point, durability, versatility, security features, design and appearance). Through careful comparison, you can pinpoint the best door to bring function and beauty to your property.

If you still have no clue which garage door should you choose, contact Ultimate Garage Doors & Gates to learn more about your other options.


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