Foot Massage: How Reflexology Works

Foot Massage: How Reflexology Works

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The idea behind reflexology is that the whole body is represented in the foot, so pressing a certain part of the sole has an effect on the corresponding part of the body. Reflexologists say while massaging the foot, if there’s something wrong with the part of the body that that spot represents, they find a crunchy feeling like grains under their fingers – so they press harder to break it down. This way, they safely tackle spinal injuries or internal organs, though a professional reflexology session may be quite uncomfortable in places.

It’s been proven effective in treating premenstrual tension (PMT), and not only because any kind of massage makes people feel better – it was tested against an ordinary foot massage. Some hospitals now offer it to patients after surgery.

Here's how reflexology works.

Relax and revive:
Run your finger along the ball of your foot, furthest from the toes, and you’ll find a natural curve as if two sections were joined. Find the spot in that curve just below the ball of the foot and nearly halfway across from the inner edge, and keep pressing with your thumb to massage the solar plexus point.

Squeeze all over the pad of the big toe – this is also said to stimulate the brain. If a headache is caused by sinuses, squeeze the sides and back of each toe. A tired headache across the forehead can be eased by pressing just below the big toenail.

The womb point is halfway between the bottom of the inside ankle bone and the point of the heel. The ovaries are in the same spot on the outside of a line running across the top of the foot joining the ankle bone. You could also press the pituitary gland spot, at the bottom of the big toe pad, right in the middle.

Sore breast
Gently rub up and down the top of the foot, covering a couple of inches from the base of the toes.

Aching shoulders
Holding the foot in both hands, knead and massage your way across both top and sole about an inch from the toes.

The big toe represents your head, so the spine runs all the way down the inside edge of the foot. Press and knead all the way down to ease tired back muscles.

Hitting the spot:
Anyone can do a wonderfully relaxing foot massages, rubbing and kneading with a little cream or oil and pulling the toes. Just press firmly enough not to tickle! A professional will do the best job – but here are some points to try.

- Hold the foot firmly, and press your thumbs into any point that needs massaging. You can also massage in small circular movements.
- Use the rounded pads of your fingers or thumbs above the top joint (short nails are best).
- Don’t massage over broken skin or injuries.

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