Five Tips to create an efficient home office

Five Tips to create an efficient home office

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In this age of the Internet, it is already a common occurrence to establish a home office that functions just like a regular office. More and more companies find it more practical to house their employees in their own homes, provided that they be online at certaintimes of day. For the employees, the beauty of this scheme is that they can decorate their office however they want to.
The only problem with this is the issue of productivity. If you have a home office, you probably experience less productivity as the comfort of being in your own home dulls your adrenaline for work.

Here are five tips to maintain productivity while being in a home office.

1. Keep your work and personal life completely separated
Though this is unintentional, you often mix business with pleasure. It is not surprising because you workfrom home. To remedy this, be conscious of the fact that your home office functions as aregular office and should be free of “homely” distractions such as TV, game consoles, home magazines, etc. Always keep a boundary between home and work.

2. Get a good seat
Getting a good ergonomical seat is essential especially if you spend most of the time sitting. Taking care of your back and neck will keep you productive as back pains are avoided. Depriving yourself with a good seat will take its toll and will push you into bad mood and thus, less productivity.

3. Invest in good lighting
Make sure that your workspace has efficient lighting. Even if your work area has enough sun exposure, it would be gloomy come winter months. People who have enough light exposure are more active. To keep your productivity, try different tones of lightings and use what’s best for you.


A lot of time are often wasted trying to find things you need. Clutters and topsy-turvy accumulation of work debris strain the eye, making you unproductive.

5. Keep it minimal


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