Fitness Trackers: Top 4 Qs to Ask Before Buying

Fitness Trackers: Top 4 Qs to Ask Before Buying

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Although the excitement for smartwatches and fitness trackers have tapered off, interest for wearable tech remains at an all-time high with the pending release of VR headsets.

Now, whether you are interested in buying a fitness tracker, smartwatch, VR headset or even just a new Bluetooth headset, here are four important things that you need to consider first. With several products competing for your hard-earned money, it is worthwhile to fully inform yourself in order to make the right purchase.

Do you need a computer/smartphone for it?
Many wearable tech products are paired with smartphones. This enables these devices to work in conjunction with the apps you have downloaded and installed on your phone. Some fitness trackers can be connected to computers via USB.

However, there are some wearable devices which work as standalone devices and can work just as well sans a smartphone or computer.

Before investing in a wearable device, determine first whether that device needs to be connected to a phone or PC or if it can work without any of these.

How will it look?
You might say that you are purchasing a device for its functionality, but looks certainly do count. Picture yourself wearing that device. Will it make you look like a robot or computer or does it seamlessly blend with your clothing and other gear?

If you put a premium on how you look while wearing the device, you'll fare better with something that is designed for comfort and does not interfere much with your daily activities. You also might want to opt for a device with a small screen (or none) that can be paired with your smartphone.

Do you need to share your results?
If you are purchasing a fitness tracker, it is worthwhile to look into the capability of the device to share your results on social media.

Even if you are the type of person who shies away from going to the gym or a fitness class, sharing your results and viewing those of your peers can give you that extra motivation to put more effort and time into your workouts.

What about data privacy?
In an ideal world, all your data should remain yours and your privacy should be upheld. Before purchasing a device, check how your data is stored and protected. The company managing your data should only be stewards of those and should allow you to delete or modify your data/account any time that you wish.

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