Finding A Dentist In Your New Neighbourhood

Finding A Dentist In Your New Neighbourhood

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Finding a new dentist when you’ve just moved to a new home is a priority. Your dental health should always be a priority, and it pays to be vigilant about getting consistent dental care no matter how busy you are. One way to ensure this is to find a dental clinic that’s easily accessible from your home, to make regular visits more manageable, and to make logistics easier when there’s a dental emergency.

However, when you’ve just recently moved to a new place, it can be difficult to determine which of the dentists in your area will be the right one for your needs. For one, you may not be familiar yet with the reputations of the dental professionals and institutions. Or you may not be in the know yet about the dental service rates, as these may vary from one neighbourhood to another.

Therefore, it’s important to arm yourself with essential information first before making a decision. Consider the following tips when looking for a new dentist:

Talk to your current dentist. Tell your current dentist about your moving plans. He or she may be able to refer you to a dentist in your new area, and can also organise your dental records in the clinic so you can take them when you make your first consultation with your new dentist.

Ask the neighbours. Get first­hand recommendations from the people in the area: your real estate agent, new neighbours, new officemates or members of the sports club, PTA, church or whatever organisation you have recently joined.

Search online. While leading dentists’ websites are designed to provide comprehensive information about their services, make sure to look into feedback from their previous clients as well. A good resource is the local online directory a review feature, for unbiased and independent recommendations.

Meet the dentist/s. After you have narrowed down your list, take time to schedule an initial appointment with the dentists that you will be choosing from. Find out about their background, training and specialisation. Request to see before and after photos of cases similar to yours. Talk to them about your concerns and listen to their initial plan or their next recommended steps. Observe the dentist and the staff’s demeanour – are they helpful and friendly and are they willing to answer your questions?

Assess the facility. When you make the visit, observe the ambiance in the dental clinic. It’s important to feel safe and comfortable as the environment will have a huge influence on how you’ll feel during future treatments and procedures. Check out the equipment and technology they use, such as the ones they use for their anaesthesia or sedation process.

Discuss financing and payment terms. Look for dentists that offer quality service for a reasonable price. Be clear about their rates and don’t be shy to discuss payment options. Find out if your insurance is compatible with their plans. Consider whether payment via credit card, their in­house financing, or a third­party payment financing is the best one for your requirements.

Think about logistics. If the clinic is not within walking or biking distance from your home, it should be easily accessible through a variety of transportation options –private car, as well as public transport. Look for a clinic with office hours that matches your schedule. For instance, if you’re mostly available on weekends only, then you should find a clinic that’s open on Saturdays or Sundays. It’s also important to know if there’s a number you can call in case of dental emergencies that happened outside their business hours.


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