Find the Hairstyle that Flatters Your Face Shape

Find the Hairstyle that Flatters Your Face Shape

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Whether you like it or else, face shape is a major consideration in choosing hairstyles. Here are some tips to help you know what hairstyles are best for you.

Long Face Shape
Large forehead and strong prominent chin are two key characteristics for those with a long face shape. Shoulder length hairstyles that add width are the best for this shape. Avoid a centre parting if you have this face shape, as the eye is drawn down the longest part of the face, making your face appear longer in length. Long, wavy hair also looks good on you, for the waves add width to the sides of your face.

Round Face Shape
Rounder, fuller face shape most often appears more youthful with their soft full cheeks and rounded foreheads and chins. Add soft layers on top to add texture and width around the cheekbones, and if you’re opting to cut your hair short, consider a graduated bob that begins at the nape and rests to a point under the chin. Avoid short curly or wavy hair that makes your face appear rounder. The better option would be a cut that hits below the chin or longer.

Oval Face Shape
Considered the perfect face shape, it is characterized by forehead and chins that are in proportion with the jawline narrower than the temple area. Hairstyle possibilities for this shape are almost endless, for you are able to experiment with a variety of haircuts and hairstyles that will flatter and suit your features. Only avoid hairstyles that bring too much hair forward onto your face, for it will cover up your perfect face shape.

Heart Face Shape
Also known as the inverted triangle face shape, it either possesses a widow’s peak hairline creating the top of the heart shape, or can just categorise those with a wider temple and a narrow pointy chin. This shape looks good with a soft, curly or wavy style that frames the face, pixie cuts, shoulder length hair with layers, choppy layers, and long bangs. Avoid hairstyles with added height or anything that is too slicked back, as you should try adding volume around your jawline to balance out your features.

Square Face Shape
Square face shape is bold and strong with angular lines. This shape conveys an appearance of strength and power. Some of the most famous and memorable people in history have square face shapes from politicians to pop stars. It’s said that women with this face shape are photogenic and age better than others. Long hairstyles that soften and frame the edges of the face, blunt cuts that are just below shoulder length, feathery bangs or a side parting are best hairstyles for this. You can also soften your jawline with long bangs or layers that start at the jawline. Avoid short haircuts, for it will make your face look squarer.

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