Find the Best Pet Groomer Now — Without the Hassle

Find the Best Pet Groomer Now — Without the Hassle

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Admit it. You'll feel terrible when you skip a shower or a bath. You'll feel especially terrible when you can’t brush your hair. Your pet will feel the same sort of horrible state when he or she has never bathed or been brushed.

Pets need to be groomed. This is more than just getting your pet to look good. It’s also about maintaining hygiene so that your pet stays healthy and happy. Even wily dogs who love to roll around in the dirt will eventually want to get cleaned up.

Grooming your pet on a regular basis also prevents any potentially harmful disease or infection from getting worse. During routine sessions, pet groomers often uncover lumps and infections and all sorts of medical problems. So it pays to have your pet groomed by a professional.

So how can you hire the right pet groomer?

Start with getting recommendations. But don’t just stick with family and friends. Enquire with pet groomer associations. This way, you'll discover straight away if the groomer is credited and adheres to a set of professional standards. You might also even find out if the groomer has received any complaints. This should narrow down your choices.

Scrutinise the facility. Whether it’s a mobile pet grooming facility or not, you need to examine the groomer’s facility. Is the facility clean and does it smell nice? Are there appropriate tools and equipment? Are the pets kept comfortable? Is the facility accessible?

Extend your observations to the staff. Note how they interact with the pets. Are they gentle? Do they know how to handle specific pets? The training of the employees, as well as their attention to pets, merit evaluation just as much as the establishment.

Bring your pet around to the grooming facility. Do this before you arrange an appointment. Some pets may have anxiety about being groomed, especially when you haven't introduced him or her to the groomer. You’ll want to get the pet used to the facility and the groomer first so that once the actual appointment comes around, your pet will feel more relaxed.

Compare costs. Some pet grooming facilities will be more affordable than others. Naturally, a pet groomer that has to do house calls will cost more than when your pet is shampooed, brushed and cut at the actual facility. Also, a pet that needs more extensive grooming will be more expensive. Compare the cost of each groomer’s services, and then make an informed decision.

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