Fashion Tips for Curvy Women

Fashion Tips for Curvy Women

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The confluence of social media and women embracing their body shapes is changing the fashion scene. In the past, it would be unimaginable to think that curvy women would be popular on social media or land the front cover of magazines. In response, fashion designers are expanding their lines and have become more inclusive.

Certainly, if you are on the curvier side of the body type spectrum, you will face a few challenges when it comes to dressing up. That does not mean that you can't look glamorous and fab.

The key thing to remember is not the size of the clothes that you are wearing but how your outfits make you feel and help you highlight your assets.

Here are a few fashion do's and don'ts for curvy ladies.

Don't listen to the style rules imposed by society
It is up to you to decide what you want to wear. Although the fashion industry has begun listening, it is you who has to take active steps and begin taking ownership of your figure.

Don't believe that you can't wear horizontal stripes
You can. However, to make this pattern work to your advantage, you will need to break the pattern by using a jacket or coloured pants.

Do factor in your body shape
Whether you are slim or curvy, one rule applies to all women when it comes to fashion: Dress according to your body shape.

Don't be a slave to fashion trends
If you have found your unique fashion voice, stick to what works best for you. You do not have to follow each and every fashion trend that comes out.

Do add some colour to your wardrobe
Black garments have always been a style essential for curvier women because they can help hide flab. You can wear brighter colours and use these to show off your assets.

Do use accessories
It is all right to buck trends and opt for timeless classics. But if you wish to vary or upgrade your looks, invest in accessories like scarves, purses and jewellery.

Do invest in the right type of undies
Consider the right undergarments as the foundation of your overall look. Get bras and panties that fit you well and help your clothes lay better on your body.

Don't hide beneath baggy clothes
A lot of curvy women think that they should only wear baggy clothes to hide their flaws. Instead of baggy clothes or form-fitting clothing, find a happy medium between the two to emphasise your assets.

Do invest in skirts and flattering jeans
For curvy women, skirts and form-flattering jeans are the best investments you can make. If you want to lengthen your body, consider wearing boot cuts. If you want to show off your figure, a pair of skinny jeans can do the task.

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