Exercises for a More Beautiful Butt

Exercises for a More Beautiful Butt

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Sir Mix-a-Lot was a man ahead of the times. Like a voice in the wilderness, he preached about the beauty of big, beautiful butts. However, his evangelism has fallen on deaf ears. It didn't help that he cannot lie.

Fast-forward to current times when celebs like Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and belfie (butt selfie) queen Jen Selter have parlayed their backsides into a ticket for fame. Even respectable magazines like Esquire and The Atlantic have weighed in on the recent popularity of big butts, publishing pieces entitled "The Rise of the Celebrity Mega Bum" and "How the Gluteus Became Maximus."

One thing is for certain: Big butts are in.

If you'd like to give your butt a firmer and rounder shape but you cannot afford procedures like butt augmentation or butt implants, or if you do not want to go under the knife, there are exercises that can transform the shape of your posterior.

You can perform these exercises at the gym or at home. The good thing about these moves is that you do not need a lot of equipment or space.

Heel raises
Heel raises target the muscles of both the glutes and the hamstrings. You can perform this exercise using your bodyweight or use resistance bands or ankle weights for a more challenging workout.

Begin the exercise in a tabletop position and then drive one of your heels toward the ceiling. Try to maintain a 90-degree angle at the knees. Before bringing your knee back down, flex your butt muscles for at least one second.

Perform this movement for one to two minutes on each side.

Jump squat
This movement can help shape your butt and burn calories.

Start this exercise by lowering yourself into the squat position. Your knees should not get past your toes.

After lowering yourself into a squat position, explode into a straight jump and then return to your starting position.

Perform this movement for 30 seconds.

Single Leg Bridges
This move can help shape both your butt and your legs.

Start this exercise by lying on your back with one leg on the ground and the other straight up in the air.

Place your weight on the heel of the foot touching the ground and then drive your butt muscles up. Keep your body straight by aligning the shoulders to the knees. At the end of the movement, flex your butt muscles before returning to the starting position.

Perform 20 reps per leg.

A few important points to remember
Working out and eating will not guarantee that you will see massive gains in your butt. The body does not work that way. You can't choose where the gains will go.

Genetics also plays a crucial role. In some people, working out will make their butts seemingly rise like a loaf of bread. For some, the gains won't be that noticeable.

Consistency is key. You have to put in hours for working out and you have to make sure that your body is properly nourished.

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