Essential Tips For Choosing A Used Vacuum Cleaner

Essential Tips For Choosing A Used Vacuum Cleaner

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There are bagless vacuums and there are vacuums with bags. Each, of course, will have unique advantages as well as disadvantages. When it comes to bagless vacuums, you will find it much easier to manage and even save money in the process because you do not need to buy vacuum bags. When it comes to vacuums with bags, those with allergies and asthma may find its better filtration system and the bag maintaining organised clean-up.

But did you know you have a third option?

The used vacuum cleaner. Indeed, vacuums can be on the pricey side. Doing away with it might not be ideal especially when your home is carpeted. Buying a used vacuum will not only save you a great deal of money but you will also not be adding to the growing landfill of various appliances.

The question is how do you find one that will last for as long as you need it? What do you do to ensure that you still get the best value for your money, even though the vacuum is “pre-loved”?

Try these essential tips for choosing your used vacuum today:

Choose the suitable type of vacuum for your specific flooring.
From light carpeting to odd or tight spaces, there is a vacuum cleaner for particular flooring. You will want to get the suitable vacuum for your specific floor. Cylinder vacuums are reportedly the best ones for homes with light carpeting or wood flooring with hard-to-reach places while upright vacuums are recommended for mostly carpeted flooring.

Once you have considered what sort of vacuum cleaner you will need, you can begin to narrow down your list of options.

Always inspect the used vacuum cleaner you are buying.
Never buy anything you have not laid eyes on, especially when it is a used item. You will want to look over the surface and spot for damages. You might also want to ask the seller or the used store about its maintenance; how often were filters replaced and if the vacuum has been sent for repairs. The more information you get about its “life” the more you will be able to assess its worthiness.

Do the noise test.
Vacuums will be noisy, yes. But some used vacuum cleaners tend to have odd noises. These could mean issues with its parts. So listen carefully when you do a test run of the vacuum. Pay attention to odd, jarring noises.

Smell it.
Some used vacuum cleaners might give off a rather bad smell. This may indicate the presence of mould or other bacteria. Another bad smell you will want to catch is motor burning.

Consider the features of the vacuum.
Do you have pets? Do you need to clean stairs? Look for used vacuum cleaners that come with features you will need.

Ask about the terms.
Does the used vacuum still come with warranty? And is the seller willing to take a return or a replacement? Just because you are buying a used item does not mean you should not be entitled the same sort of benefits as buyers who purchase new items.

Choose your seller carefully.
Finally, where you buy your used vacuum cleaner matters a lot to its quality and condition. So take your time. List the reputable sellers of used vacuum cleaners. And then make an informed decision.


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