Essential Supplies For Your Animal Companions

Essential Supplies For Your Animal Companions

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Pets can instantly bring joy into a home. But apart from that, medical experts confirm that owning a pet, be it of the furry, scaled or feathered kind, can benefit people's' physical and mental health.

However, pet ownership is a big responsibility. When you have another life depending on you, you have to provide all the requirements of your pet including a good home and proper nutrition. Apart from these, it is also worthwhile to invest in a few pet supplies which will make life easier for both you and your pet. Here are some of the pet supplies you may want to invest in, depending on the type of animal companion you have.

As intelligent creatures, dogs need to have their minds constantly stimulated. Otherwise, they become prone to boredom, which in turn can lead to aggressive and destructive behaviour. When choosing a toy for Fido, make sure that it is appropriate for his size to prevent swallowing accidents. Ideally, his toys should be made of hard rubber, nylon and latex. Some owners also give their pet dogs plush toys.

Collars and leashes
Again, you'd want to factor in your dog's size in choosing a collar. You'd want one that is big enough for him to avoid getting hurt while taking a walk. If you buy a collar that's too big for him, he might feel uncomfortable. For leashes, many dog owners prefer the retractable type which can be easily adjusted.

Treats are valuable in training a dog, whether you are keen on teaching Fido neat tricks or you simply want to housebreak him. However, it is crucial to remember that treats should be given judiciously as excessive treats can make your dog overweight.

Flea and tick infestation is a perennial problem for dogs. Fortunately, there are medications you can use to conveniently treat this problem.

Dog owners should also pay attention to the dental health of their furry little pals. For this, you'll need toothbrushes and toothpastes. Some types of toys can also aid in cleaning teeth and massaging Fido's gums.

Crates are a versatile dog supply/accessory. At home, they can be used for housebreaking and even serve as Fido's den. Crates can also be used for transportation.

Although cats are less demanding than dogs, they also need toys that help them stave off boredom and fine-tune their hunter instinct. Like dog toys, cat toys are available in a variety of materials. Ideally, toys that are torn or broken should be thrown and replaced.

Collars come in a variety of materials. Whatever you choose for Mr. Snuffles, there is only one important thing that you need to remember: make sure that the collar has an elastic section. Many cats have died due to accidental strangulation and that elastic section of a collar can spell the difference between life and death.

Cat condos
Cat condos perform multiple, roles from providing your pet cat with a play area to serving as a safe place to perch and nap.

Litter box
If you intend to keep Mr. Snuffles indoors, it is prudent to invest in a litter box. Litter boxes come in a variety of styles, including those with open and covered pans. As for the actual litter itself, make sure to pick one appropriate for your pet. For kittens, you should choose one with larger granules, while for older cats, you can buy fine-grained litter.

Aquariums come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The crucial thing to remember is that the size of an aquarium determines the optimal number of fish that you can keep. If you want to keep a few small fish in your aquarium, you can opt for a two- to five-gallon aquarium. However, if you wish to keep a larger fish or a big group of fish, you'd need to go a few sizes higher. The rule of thumb here is that the larger your aquarium is, the easier it will be for you to keep the water fresh and livable for your pet fish.

A filtration system makes it easier for you to keep the aquarium safe and clean. Lots of hobbyists also use protein aquarium skimmers which help separate biological wastes from the water.

For bird cages, the rule of thumb to follow is the taller, the better. This will give Polly ample room to move and stretch her wings. If you have a large breed of bird, make sure that you get one made with thick metal. Furthermore, you'll need a cage with a good locking system if you own a parrot. These intelligent birds can surprise you with their ability to pen their cages.

Toys can provide entertainment and exercise to your feathered friends. Opt for chew toys, mirrors, bells and swings.

Small mammals
If you are keen on getting a small mammal (a guinea pig, sugar glider, rabbit or ferret), one of the most important areas to pay attention to is their habitat. Mice and rats can be placed in glass terrariums. Mice need 40sqm of space while rats need at least 60sqm of space. Rabbits and guinea pigs will fare well in wire cages while exotic pets like ferrets and sugar gliders are best kept inside birdcages. Just make sure that the cage you are getting has a good locking system as these animals are quite notorious escape artists.

Reptiles and amphibians are best kept in either a glass terrarium or a fresh-air terrarium also known as a reptarium. If you are keen on keeping lizards or other reptiles which cannot regulate their own body temperature, make sure that you place a heat source in their habitat like a lamp or hot rock. It would also be beneficial to give your slithery friends a hiding place, like rocks or tree trunks.


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