Enhancing Your Outdoors with Mosaics and Cladding

Enhancing Your Outdoors with Mosaics and Cladding

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Much of the focus of many home renovation projects is directed toward the interiors of the house. Maybe you want a more thoughtful kitchen layout that will let you move from the sink to the worktable to the refrigerator with ease. Perhaps the master bedroom needs a touch of warmth to inspire more restful evenings and a higher level of comfort for weary bodies. Or your home office may require more sound insulation, better storage provisions, and a more motivational atmosphere to help you get your work done.

For other homeowners, however, the exteriors of the property deserve as much careful attention and insightful design and layout so that every inch of space is optimised and utilised well. In Australia, for instance, the climate is just too lovely that spending time cooped up indoors is considered a waste. To maximise the wonderful environment, locals make sure to spruce up their backyards, patios, decking, lawns and swimming pool areas so that family members, friends and guests can have one more beautiful pocket of space to use for various purposes.

The swimming pool area, in particular, is a prime spot for entertaining visitors or merely unwinding in the midst of landscaped grounds and the warm sunshine. And if you want this area of your property to be one of the family's absolute favourites, opting for decorative details like wall cladding and mosaics is sure to help bring out the stunning aesthetic merits of your outdoors.

Wall Cladding: Dressing Up Your Walls
Simply put, wall cladding refers to a type of decorative covering for walls. The effect that wall cladding produces is making walls appear like they are made out of a certain material. For homes as well as commercial buildings, stone cladding is a popular choice because it transforms entire walls or a single focal wall or exterior structure into a piece of actual stone masonry work.

There are a number of materials that can be used for wall cladding in your swimming pool area. There is loose stone cladding that can lend an earthy, textured and rustic appearance. Natural ledgestone can come in a variety of colours and they offer a timeless feel. Stackstone, on the other hand, comes in more robust colours that give any space a distinctly modern touch. If you want your pool and outdoor barbecue area to have a distinct resort feel, there are gorgeous tiles in countless shades of blue that can help create your own little exotic retreat at home. Veneerstone, laser pebbles and even feature tiles displaying a number of intricate patterns and designs can also be used to create a unique outdoor space.

Making a Statement with Mosaics
You can't go wrong with mosaics if you want a specific wall in your outdoor area to truly stand out and inspire conversations, or if you want different small spaces throughout the property to shine bright with lovely details. Mosaics create visual interest by using a wide range of colours and patterns. You can use a mosaic as a focal point in your entertaining area or among your water features, and it can depict the designs that suit your property's overall aesthetic theme the most. With your choice of materials, colours and patterns, you can go for an abstract design, a soft and muted palette, a bold and striking piece, or a simple yet picturesque pattern that injects life and personality to the outdoor space.


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