Endlessly Fab: The Top 4 Beauty and Style Tips for Women Over 50

Endlessly Fab: The Top 4 Beauty and Style Tips for Women Over 50

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When you flip through fashion magazines or browse beauty blogs, you'll find that many of these cater to the younger female demographic. There are always helpful articles on flirty summer fashions, or video tutorials on how to apply winged eyeliner, and countless TV programmes showcasing the season's "in" colours and styles for the modern woman.

What you'll only occasionally see, however, are pieces of content on how women over the age of 50 can step out of house looking confident, graceful, and elegantly chic. The most common topic you will find would be the best anti-ageing products on the market — but is that really what a woman needs to look and feel beautiful in her advanced age?

Women over 50 don't have to subscribe to fashion and beauty advice designed for the younger set in order to feel better about their face, their body, and their lives. There are things that simply suit these women better — and these top 4 beauty, fashion and style tips can help you look and feel endlessly fab in your celebrated age.

1. Invest in a wardrobe composed of staples in basic neutrals; splashes of colour can come from your accessories.
There's no going wrong with classic pieces such as: a plain black shift or wrap dress; a white blouse; smart navy or black trousers; a black or navy skirt (falling just above the knee); a black or white top with long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves; an elegant coat in beige, white or camel; shapewear (in nude, white and black); an investment handbag (for the day) and clutch (for evenings), and footwear that come in black, white and nude (ballet flats, heels, boots, and casual flats).

Working with this base wardrobe, the woman over 50 can then begin incorporating skirts, dresses, pants and tops with bolder colours and prints, as well as eye-catching accessories like jewellery, belts, scarves, hats and shoes.

2. Take care of your body, take care of your skin.
Contrary to what the cosmetics industry seems to be telling women of all ages, makeup isn't the only thing that can make a woman beautiful. Simply caring for your health goes a long way in allowing your natural radiance through your skin to stand out.

When you stop smoking, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen religiously (with SPF30 or higher for daily use), avoid sunbathing and tanning salons, get plenty of sleep, get regular exercise, and eat clean, your health will be plain for everyone to see through your healthy skin. You will, of course, still have spots, fine lines and wrinkles, but the key is not to zoom in on these skin issues and concentrate more on improving health and vitality.

3. The goal of applying makeup when you're over 50 is to make the face look fresher.
Following makeup trends formulated for younger age groups will only highlight flaws and lines that come with being 50 and over. It's not healthy to obsess over makeup, creams, lotions and serums that promise anti-ageing effects. “There is no cream that fixes wrinkles. I’m sorry, but there’s not,” says makeup expert Bobbi Brown. What she recommends instead is helping create fresher facial features, such as by using eyeliner and matte shadow to prevent crepe-looking lids from taking centre stage.

4. Cultivate and indulge in happiness — and embrace your lines.
Women over the age of 50 aren't supposed to have the reckless abandon and the constant pursuit of social acceptance and peer approval that the youth do. What they do have is a full life that they continue discovering new things about each day — and an appreciation of how their bodies have carried them through all the different stages of life (youth, adolescence, sexual prime, motherhood, menopause, etc.).

When a woman can smile and laugh at the years behind her and greet the years ahead with joy (as well as quiet strength and determination built over the years), then that's when her natural beauty really shines — and anything she puts on adds to her sparkle.

Be at your healthiest and most beautiful at any age. Get more expert tips and solutions from Australia’s leading health & beauty experts today.


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