Emergency Plumbing Tips

Emergency Plumbing Tips

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Emergency Plumbing problems can affect everyone at some point. To prevent lasting water damage and a nasty mess, here are some tips to follow for plumbing emergencies.

Close the Water to Stop further water damage

If the water leak or overflow is coming from an appliance that has individual fixtures, you can shut off the water valve to that appliance by turning the valve clockwise. This should immediately shut off the water to your leaky toilet, sink, or other appliance and turn your emergency plumbing problem into just a plumbing problem.

Move Furniture Into a Dry Area to Prevent Water Damage

Until you have a chance to mop up the water make sure to move out any furniture that could get damaged by standing water. Pin up the skirts and put a few layers of aluminium foil under the legs of furniture that is not easily moved.

Unblock the Drain

Always turn off the water first. Then use a plunger to try to remove the obstruction. Even in a blocked sink, you can plunge the drain and often fix the problem. Plungers work best when you plunge rhythmically 10-20 times to build up pressure in the pipe. You can use a liquid drain cleaner if the toilet or sink is unloading slowly. Beyond this point, you will probably want to call a plumber.

Remove Standing Water

Don't just leave the water there until a professional arrives. It only takes mold 24-48 hours to colonise and begin to cause a problem in your home. You also don’t want additional damage to your flooring, drywall, or even pictures that can be affected by the increased moisture in the room. Use a wet/dry shop vac, a mop, a towel, whatever you have (but NOT a regular vacuum) to clean up the water. Turn on the fans, open the doors, and air out the room.

Take Pictures and Notes

Take lots of pictures and detailed notes about the flooding for insurance. You'll want this information to work with your insurance company and restoration specialists. You might think your little flood is “not a big deal” now, but don’t regret being too lazy to whip out that camera phone and snap a few shots for protection in the future.

Contact Metric Plumbing immediately, for any help regarding your emergency plumbing problems.


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