Elements Of A Successful Laundry Renovation – Australian Homeowners’ Guide

Elements Of A Successful Laundry Renovation – Australian Homeowners’ Guide

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Australian homeowners are big on renovations, and in the recent years have turned the renovation business into a billion-dollar industry. However, when people think of revamping the look and functionality of their home, the most common rooms that get the extra TLC are the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and even outdoor living areas such as the patio or garden.

The laundry room doesn’t often top the list of priority rooms to update, upgrade or prettify for many homeowners. What most people don’t realise is that a laundry renovation can offer notable returns. By improving the space, you make your work more efficient, ease up your workload and become more productive. Having an efficient, productive household leads to significant time savings and cost savings, which is helpful in improving your quality of life.

So how do you make sure your laundry room renovation will be successful? Make sure the following factors are present.

Smart room position and layout. If you have the option to choose your laundry room, choose one that‘s easily accessible and easy for you to bring the laundry in and out of. Adding a laundry chute, if possible, can be useful. At the same time, it’s ideal if you can go in and out of the laundry area without passing through common areas such as the living room or dining room. Also, make sure the room gets sufficient natural lighting and ventilation to minimise moisture and mildew which can damage clothing and may be harmful to your health.

Space-saving storage. For many households, the laundry can be used not just for doing the laundry. Even if you don’t have a huge space, you can install the right storage and shelving system or put up hooks and racks. This way, you can also use the room for sorting, folding and ironing clothes. You can also use one part of it to keep seasonal clothing and accessories, outdoor gear, entertaining furniture and supplies, and other items that do not belong in other rooms in the house.

Accident-proof flooring. Non-slip flooring options such as vinyl, ceramic tiles or textured flooring are best for the laundry since it is basically a semi-wet area. Choose flooring options that are easy to clean and maintain, and can withstand heavy use and traffic.

Aesthetics. While your laundry room is a workhorse, it doesn’t have to look completely functional and boring. Adding some design touches, such as framed artwork, a statement wall or decorative wall and floor tiles, will prettify it and make the space more inviting and more pleasant to work and spend time in.


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