Electric Gates: Why Choose Them and What to Choose From

Electric Gates: Why Choose Them and What to Choose From

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While properties can have a traditional gate installed in front of or around it, some property owners opt to have electric or automatic gates installed instead.

There are a number of reasons for you to choose electric gates:

· Electric gates come with an electrically powered mechanism that controls the opening and closing of the gate, so property owners or security personnel will experience greater ease in operating the gate.
· In connection to this, the automatic mechanism also allows greater control of the gate, and thus enforces greater security for the area found within the gates.
· For others, an automatic gate adds style and luxury to the property, which can thus create a positive effect on its value.

There are seven different kinds of electric gates:

Swing gates
Like conventional doors or gates, swing gates are hinged on one side and they open and close with a swinging motion. This type of gate can consist of a single or double leaf, and can open either by swinging inward or outward.

Barrier arm gates
These are commonly used in parking facilities, toll booths, and manned security entrances. A vertical barrier arm is rotated in and out of the gate and is meant to control vehicles, but not pedestrians.

Slide gates
Popular among commercial properties and some luxury homes, slide gates are mounted parallel to the inside of a fence. They slide back and forth, horizontally, across the opening; there are rollers on the bottom of the gate, sliding along a metal track, to support the motion.

Cantilever gates
These are similar to the slide gate, but instead of using rollers that slide along a metal track on the ground, they 're being  supported by rails running along the inside of the fence structure. These gates are designed to be wider than slide gates.

Bi-folding gates
This type of gate is comprised of two gate panels hinged together. Upon activation from the automatic controller, both panels will fold back onto themselves to provide space for entry. These gates are ideal for limited spaces and they can open and close quite quickly.

Vertical lift gates
These gates move up and down over the opening. As such, they must go high enough to allow sufficient entry for vehicles of different heights. There must be tall vertical towers on each side of the gate's opening to support the up and down movement of the gate.

Vertical pivot lift gates
The vertical pivot lift gate, as its name suggests, rotates in and out of the gate opening. It does not require support towers on either side of the gate opening like vertical lift gates do, but it does require additional space beside the gate. This gate is supported entirely by the automatic operator.

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