Eat Well, Save Money: Food Shopping Tips

Eat Well, Save Money: Food Shopping Tips

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You don’t need a huge budget to feed yourself and your family the most delicious and nutritious meals every time. You simply need to wise up on grocery shopping.

The modern supermarket has been designed and laid out to help you buy and spend more. So by being more aware of your surroundings and coming in only once you have a (meal) plan, you just might get out of the store with your budget still intact – and with plenty of good food and ingredients in your shopping bag.

Here are some time-tested tips for smarter grocery shopping:

Arm yourself with a master (meal) plan. Before you make the trip to the store, create a shopping list first. And to create a shopping list, you need to develop your meal plan first. That’s how you know the ingredients you need as well as the volume or size you need for each item. That’s how you ensure your household will have nutrient-rich, balanced, varied meals for the entire week.

Have a snack first. Never do the groceries if you’re hungry. You’ll have a tendency to poor decisions when your stomach is growling and you’re feeling deprived. Enter the shop with a full stomach – that’s your greatest weapon against impulse buys.

Stick to your list. Focus and just follow the plan – no detours to the gifts or cosmetics aisle, please.

Do it alone. Whenever possible, try to go shopping all by yourself. You’ll have more willpower to stick to your plan if you don’t have the kids or your partner making additional requests or influencing your decisions.

Go somewhere familiar. Select a favourite store, and make it your only destination when doing your grocery runs. When you’re already familiar with the shop, it’s easy for you to shop more efficiently and prevent wandering around and making “surprise” buys.

Bring a calculator. It’s easier to stay within budget when you have a running tally of the items you have in your shopping cart. If you want to try new brands or switch some ingredients, a calculator will also be handy in allowing you to experiment without going beyond your set budget.

Be on the lookout for deals and discounts. Connect with your favourite brands and stores on social media or via their websites and newsletters. Sign up and install grocery apps. Check out and save online coupons. These techniques allow you to be always in the know about the special promotions that help save time, money and energy.

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