Easy, Effortless Makeup Tips for the Low Maintenance Girl

Easy, Effortless Makeup Tips for the Low Maintenance Girl

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As much as women want to take their sweet time when putting together their look every morning, this simply won't do in this busy day and age. Women are constantly on the go — performing well at work, looking after the family, keeping the flames of a relationship burning bright, handling household tasks, keeping their bodies fit and healthy, cultivating a thriving social life, pursuing hobbies and passions, and so many others.

As such, a daily makeup routine that takes around an hour to complete simply won't do.

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. The minimalist no-makeup look emerged as the solution to the busy modern woman's dilemma — the goal is to achieve a fresh-faced look that doesn't require the application of 20 different makeup products using around the same number of brushes and sponges, which would mean a longer mirror time. Low maintenance a girl may be, but she will always look fresh, radiant and well-put-together.

Ready to achieve that effortless beauty in just a few minutes every morning? Here's what you need to do:

1. Take care of your skin.
In order for you to confidently flaunt skin that doesn't require heavy layers of makeup to look smooth and glowing, you need to make sure that your skin is nourished and youthful-looking. That means a simple regimen of moisturising your skin every morning and night. You can also try monthly facial peels that will leave your face looking radiant and supple, and you will hardly need to perform any home care to maintain it.

2. Open up your eyes.
Invest some time into getting high quality lash extensions and brow shaping services every few weeks, and you'll end up with less work that needs to be done on your eye area each morning. Your lash extensions and beautifully shaped eyebrows now provide an arresting frame for your eyes, so all you need to do every now and then is to tweeze a little here and there. Then, you can go straight to applying eyeshadow and liner.

3. Always keep a powerful makeup lineup ready.
You must have the key makeup products that suit your skin and features best all ready every time you need to put them on. This means that makeup application will be quick because these products make it easy to get your signature look together quickly.

You need a long wear foundation or BB tint, a blush in the best shade for your skin tone, multipurpose products (like quad eyeshadows that also come with shimmers that can be used as highlighters), and your favourite lip conditioner and lipstick or lip stain. With these basic cosmetics, you can achieve that minimalist yet long-lasting look that will carry you through the entire busy day.

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