Easy Beauty Guides in Restoring Your Youthful Look

Easy Beauty Guides in Restoring Your Youthful Look

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There are two central factors that influence the rate at which you age. The first is the generic component - this determines the length of time your cells can maintain optimum health. The second factor is the amount of damage your body sustains over time. However, while ageing is perceived to be the inevitable degeneration of the mind and body, the actual process of cell deterioration is strongly influenced by the damage that has occurred over the years. How much of this deterioration, then, is preventable? Surprisingly, more than you think, and much of the damage is reparable.

Before you start on a prevention and repair program, you might like to look into the state of your health and wellbeing. Once you know this, you’ll have an idea as to what areas you need to work on.

How is your wellness factor?

  • Most people have a good idea as to how well they are. And many are aware that they have a few niggling problems that need to be addressed but simply dismiss them as being the result of ageing. However, while we accept the fact that ageing is a natural part of the life cycle, it’s no excuse for being in poor health. Being poorly depends largely on you and the lifestyle choices you make. David Niven Miller, author of Grow Youthful says: ‘You can choose to allow stress, gluttony, lack of exercise, poor breathing, bad food, pollution and an unhealthy lifestyle to overwhelm your body’s natural state of health. Othe the other hand, you can be the cause of your good health rather than the effect of your neglect, and it’s never too late to start.’

Starting today, you can…

  • Look after your skin by having a regular beauty routine. And pamper yourself - the better you feel, the more you’ll enjoy life and all it offers.

  • Be active: go for a walk and breathe deeply. A short walk is a step in the right direction no matter how brief it is. Aim to go a little further each day.

  • Have a check-up with your naturopath or doctor and find out what changes you need to make in order to slow down or even turn back your biological clock.

  • Drink plenty of water and try to eat fresh food. Make eating about nourishing your body and never overeat.

  • Adopt a positive, playful attitude towards life and surround yourself with like-minded friends.

Let the good times roll

In case you hadn’t realised, there are benefits that come with the passage of time. Just as cheese and wine can improve in taste, texture and value as they mature, so too, your life becomes richer. If you have a positive outlook and healthy lifestyle, your life gets better as you become ‘richer’. This in turn boosts your self-esteem and confidence, and you’ll have more to offer your family, friends and community.

Choose anti-ageing goodfellas

Ageing doesn’t happen suddenly, it’s an ongoing process. So looking after yourself better now will mean that the ageing process will happen more slowly. If you want to stay young for longer, make a commitment to eat nutrient-rich food. Unless you have extraordinary genes, you can’t age well if you don’t live well. So start renovating yourself now - you’ll feel younger and enjoy the gifts of life longer. And have fun!


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