Don’t be the Odd One out in the Golf Club – Tips to Help You Settle In Fast

Don’t be the Odd One out in the Golf Club – Tips to Help You Settle In Fast

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If you've just joined the local golf club or you're in the process of getting a membership, you might find yourself feeling like the odd one out. Here are a few tips that will help you get settled in faster.

Don't go home immediately.
After finishing a good game of golf, don't pack your things and go home immediately. Instead, go around the club and introduce yourself to the other members in the clubhouse. Start a conversation and ask questions. If you're up for it, you can even buy everyone a round of drinks. These will allow you to make a good impression on your fellow golf club members.

Dress for the occasion.
Impressions do count, especially in the golf club. Your goal is to make a good one by looking sharp. Make sure to enquire about the policies regarding how to dress up appropriately within the premises.

Head to the putting green first.
Before heading off to the golf course, it's a good idea to log in some hours on the putting green. This will give you the perfect opportunity to practise, warm up and even engage in small talk with other members of the golf club.

Don't hesitate to join others out on the course.
If you find yourself playing alone and you chance upon a group of players, walk over to them, introduce yourself and ask whether you can join them. You'll be surprised that these players will welcome you. And on the other side of the coin, if you're playing with a group and you find a lone player in the course, invite that player to join your group.

Brush up on your golfing etiquette.
If you happen to make new friends on the course and you're playing with them, make sure that you remember the etiquette for golfers. Be a good sport at all times, especially when you're having an off game, mark your ball and stay clear of other player's lines.

Join competitions.
Another surefire way to make friends and easily get settled in at the golf club is to join competitions. You can either sign your name up to a start sheet or join competitions which are randomly drawn. If you find yourself in the company of people you actually like, don't hesitate to exchange phone numbers and schedule a friendly match on another date.

Bring your A-game.
More often than not, settling into a new environment is all about confidence. In the golf club, one way to boost your confidence is to play a good game.

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