Do-It-Yourself Wall Shelving Projects

Do-It-Yourself Wall Shelving Projects

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You can change the look and feel of your room through a multi-purpose, visually appealing wall shelf. How? Try these do-it-yourself wall shelving projects.

Pallet Wall Shelving

  • Find a small, lightweight timber pallet and place it on a bench. Position it so the side with the most slats is facing down.

  • Make two separate but equally-sized shelves: Using a handsaw, cut through the three vertical cross bars just after the second timber slat at the top of the pallet. Repeat at the bottom of the pallet.

  • Make shelf bases by measuring the length and depth of the bottom of the pallet halves.

  • Cut two pieces of plywood or scrap timber to size and screw securely in place.

  • Using a chalk (for dark walls) or pencil, mark positions on your wall where you will attach your shelves.

  • As you attach your shelves to the wall, choose a fixing that’s suitable for your wall material, and the weight of the pallet and shelves.

  • Finally, arrange and display your items.

Pegboard Shelving

  • Using 6mm timber lengths, create a frame then attach it to the reverse side of a Masonite pegboard. The pegboard should be pre-cut to your desired size.

  • Drill the pegboard to the wall. Attach screws at each corner and two more in the middle for extra support.

  • Tie the string of curtain wire from one side to the other. Use clothes pegs or S-hooks to hang tea towels or utensils from the wire.

  • You can also use S-hooks to hang small baskets straight off the pegboard.

Suitcase Shelving

  • Find two old leather suitcases (better if they have different sizes) and remove the hinges.

  • Lay the bases on the floor, base ends together and handles pointing to opposite directions.

  • Screw the suitcases together at the ends.

  • Attach to the wall with screws and washers.

  • You can decorate the insides with paper or fabric.

Steamer Shelving

  • Choose six bamboo steamers of different sizes.

  • Make steamer rings by removing the bases and cutting the twine holding the bamboo strips together.

  • Lay the rings on the floor according to your chosen arrangement.

  • Glue the rings together.

  • Once securely glued, hang them on the wall using small nails or picture hooks.

Magazine Holder Shelving

  • Find the correct shelf length for your wall or cut one to size.

  • Install the shelf on the wall, making sure it’s level.

  • Measure and mark the wall where each magazine holder will be placed, with equal distances apart.

  • Place one holder against the wall, aligning it with the underline of the shelf.

  • Use an electric drill to screw the holder to the wall in two places.

  • Repeat for the remaining holders.

Wall shelving signifies your style statement. Try making your own shelves for an original way to display your favourite items. Need help from painters and decorators? Visit this page.


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