DIY Tips on Clearing a Blocked Drain

DIY Tips on Clearing a Blocked Drain

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Blocked drains? With a few low-priced tools and a little training, you can clear up all even the most stubborn blocked drains in less than an hour. There’s also different severities of blocked drains, and just as many ways to manage them. But don’t feel overwhelmed, here are a list of DIY tutorials that will guide you through the rising tide in your bathroom.

1. Remove the sink stopper or strainer. Clean out any material stuck in the top of the drain or on the stopper. Test water flow. If there is an overflow opening, block it with a wet cloth; fill the sink half full.

Blocked Drains

2. Place a plunger over the blocked drain and rapidly pump it up and down ten times, abruptly lifting it from the water on the last stroke. If the water rushes out, you've unblocked the drain. Otherwise, try several more times before giving up.

3. If the plunger fails, you'll have to tackle the trap under the sink. Place a bucket beneath the trap, unscrew the cleanout plug on the bottom of the trap with a spanner and let the water run out.

4. If there's no plug, remove the trap itself by unscrewing the two coupling nuts, beginning with the higher one. Clear the stoppage by hand or with a wire. Replace the trap.

Unblocking Blocked Drains

5. If you can't still reach the blockages, you'll need a drain snake (available at hardware shops). Twist the handle clockwise, pushing into and pulling out of the drain, until you reach the obstruction and clear it.

6. Call a professional plumber if all of these steps fail to repair the blocked drain. Do not, under any circumstances, use chemical drain cleaner; it could cause serious burns and damage to your skin and create a problem for the plumber.

If are looking for a professional plumber specialising in blocked drain repairs, do not hesitate to call a Top4 affiliated plumber today!


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