Decor Resolutions That Help Make a More Comfy, More Beautiful Home for 2016

Decor Resolutions That Help Make a More Comfy, More Beautiful Home for 2016

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A new year means we all get new opportunities to give our homes a refreshing upgrade. That can translate to giving the space a completely different look or simply changing up certain elements to infuse a never-before-experienced vibe—maybe you want the place to be more bohemian, or more comfortable, or more sophisticated.

Whichever direction you plan to pursue, keep in mind that using decor to transform your property doesn't have to be a complex undertaking, and it certainly shouldn't have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Here are some simple yet effective resolutions you can make for 2016 to make your home decor for the year achieve your desired look:

Display your personality.
Above all else, your home should be a representation of your identity—a preview of your likes, principles, philosophies, and preferences. All these should shine through across the different rooms. Your favourite prints, colours, textures, scents, and styles must be easily identified within your home so that it is an unmistakable extension of yourself, and no one else.

Freshen things up with plants and flowers.
However modern or vintage your home's look may be, there's no question that potted plants and fresh blooms can add both life and relaxation to a space. Make sure you have plenty of lush green foliage and colourful flowers all over the house this year to bring a natural feel to your home.

Introduce new lighting schemes.
Interior designers know that changing a single lighting fixture can dramatically transform a room. If you put more emphasis on bright, all-encompassing lights last year, experiment this year by introducing softer or dimmer lights—add sconces or more task lights on particular corners so that the right amount of light can illuminate the space at the right time.

Bring the world's treasures into your space.
If you love to travel or you have a thing for collecting furniture pieces from different locations, bring them front and center this year. Give your seashells, weathered wood furnishings, vintage chests, romantic room dividers and whimsical art and metalwork their sacred space in your home. These can be decorative and functional at the same time, and they have great stories to tell about their origins.

Set aside a nook for your personal sanctuary.
Lastly, make 2016 the year that you maximise your home's potential for providing the most calming, secure and relaxing space for the times when you want to just sit or lie still, think about things, and indulge in a little me time. As busy as people can get, it's always a good idea to take time to lie back, get much-needed rest, and recharge for the next challenges. Your home should be the one place you seek out whenever you want to envelope yourself in a calming, quiet environment.


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