Cremation or Burial: What Would You Choose?

Cremation or Burial: What Would You Choose?

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According to a recent study, approximately 125,000 people pass away in Australia every year. Roughly half of those choose cremation over the traditional burial, however, this is increasing as crematoriums become more accessible.

Cremation is generally cheaper than burial, mainly because of the expense of the cemetery lot needed for burial and, in recent years, cremation has steadily grown to be the preferred choice, especially in metropolitan areas where crematoriums are readily accessible. The same funeral services are available for either cremation or burial. Funeral directors have a full understanding of state laws and health ordinances that impact on cremations and burial. They will also arrange legal storage or disposal of the remains following the cremation, such as scattering the ashes. If you have not yet decided, the crematorium may keep the ashes for up to six months for you.

It is important to state in your Will which between cremation or burial would you prefer. This should be clearly written and given to the person who will be responsible for your funeral when you passed away. These directions are not binding in law unless written in your Will, therefore, make sure that the person you will instruct is someone who will carry out your final wishes. The final decision rests with the executor of your Will. The executor of the Will or next of kin must fill out an application for cremation and relevant authority forms for the crematorium. A funeral director can organise this for you. Some religions forbid cremations, such as Muslims and Orthodox Jews, but it is allowed by most Christian faiths and is the preferred option for Hinduists, Sikhs, and Buddhists. A funeral director can arrange all spiritual services requested by the departed person, for either cremation or burial.

Whichever between cremation or burial is your choice, choose to get help from the best funeral services in Australia today.


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