Creating a Family-friendly Living Room

Creating a Family-friendly Living Room

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A family-friendly living room is different from a plain living room. Speaking of family-friendly entails additional efforts, extra installations and furnishings, making the living room relaxing, inviting and most important, safe. The key factor here is safe, the whole area radiating a feeling of refuge and reprieve, a haven for those coming home from a stressful day.

Creating a family-friendly living room requires no gigantic tasks, mostly little additions and modifications that create a whole lot of difference to the whole living space, altering the otherwise bland and clicnical to breathing and wholesome.

Here are 7 tips on making a living room family-friendly.

1. Built-in cabinets

Cabinets, especially those containing mementoes and bric-brac and stuff for the entire family as well, add a feeling of “lived-in” in any living room. House your little decorative stuffs, toys, figurines and bric-brac in cabinets situated on one wall of the living room. Each compartment houses each family member’s personal items.

2. Rug

Rugs add color to the living room. They complement the whole look of the living space, making the area more family-friendly. But other than the aesthetics, rugs actually add elegance and character to the living room.

3. Canvas toy box

A canvas box containing toys just ooze an aura of “wholesome” to the entire area. Kids can spot it easily and makes it easy for them to tidy up after playing.

4. Armchair

Armchairs, especially leather ones, spells relaxation and elegance. Leather armchairs are mostly easy to clean and resilient to stains. And since it is easy to maintain, presence of kids are definitely not an issue.

5. Dual purpose furniture

Console tables serve as landing area for quick items such as keys, reading glasses and mail. The area below can serve as storage, a place for magazine baskets or toy boxes.

6. Throw pillows

Nothing is as inviting as a couple of throw pillows scattered around on top of sofas and arm chairs. Throw pillows can be enjoyed by the whole family. Short of sticking a label that says “hug me,” throw pillows are ideal when it comes to getting cozy with the family.

7. Coffee-table

A well-placed coffee table is not only functional but decorative as well. As the name suggests, coffee tables provide a landing space for coffee, drinks and in some cases, ash trays. Functionality aside, a coffee table completes the elegant look and style of the entire living room.

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