Crafting Your Own Dream Bathroom Tips and Tricks

Crafting Your Own Dream Bathroom Tips and Tricks

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In crafting your new bathroom or renovating the old one, a lot of factors must be considered. Two of the most important ones are the bathroom size and your lifestyle. These two things will determine what kind of services that you will need.

Bathroom Size
Your remodelling options are limited by the size of your bathroom. Good bathroom design is about utilising the space available in the most efficient way possible. Changing the layout of the bathroom can help increase the space but recent trends in bathroom design have led to the development of space saving devices which can be just as effective such as wall-hung toilets and pedestal sinks.

When designing a bathroom, it is important to think about who will be using the space as your choice of bathroom fixtures, bathroom accessories and products will be determined by such factors. Do you have children or do you live alone? If you live alone you might opt for more architectural fixtures and high-end floor coverings. if you have children then medicine storage, low maintenance fixtures, water-saving devices, and non-slip surfaces might be a priority.

Even if you are thinking of doing most of the renovation work yourself, it is a good idea (and money well spent) to employ the services of a bathroom designer to give you design options. An experienced designer will be able to give you a space saving suggestions, recommend products and provide valuable professional advice ranging from bathroom lighting to bathroom maintenance.

Points to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Suppliers and Services

  • Define what kind of service that you want. Do you want a resurfacing (change the outer layout and stuff in your bathroom), remodelling (remodel your bathroom into a new look without dismantling its plumbing or lighting system), or a complete renovation (creating a new bathroom)?

  • Decide the design that matches with the space and your lifestyle.

  • Builders, Plumbers, Electricians should all be registered with their state's association.

  • How long has the company been in operation?

  • Does the renovator have a good track record? Can they supply you with references? Call references. Ask if you can view previous work in person. Check to see whether other projects came in on budget, if not how much/why were they exceeded?

  • Did the company respond to your enquiry professionally? Did they return your call promptly, come to appointments on time, etc. This can be an indication for how well they run their business and therefore your project.

  • Are the company and its workers insured?

  • Does the contract clearly outline the scope of work that is to be carried out?

  • Is there a start date and an estimated finish date?

  • Are costs clearly outlined? Do you understand price variables?

  • Are all phases of the project clearly defined and agreed to?

  • Does the contract include warranty and insurance details?

Pricing and How to Cut the Cost
Bathroom renovation can costs you between $7,000 - $40,000 depend on the materials and what kind of renovation that you want. This numbers seems large, but there are some ways to cut the large costs, as follows:

• Do some of the work yourself. You might not have the skill to do wall-to-wall tiling projects but demo work is relatively easy (although it can be messy). Hire a skip and get your friends to help.

• Sell your old fixtures. As the saying goes: one person's trash is someone else's treasure. Make some extra cash by selling your old fixtures and fittings. Hold a garage sale, post an online auction or place an ad in the local newspaper. Claw foot tubs and art deco fixtures can fetch big prices.

• Buy your own fixtures. You can save money by shopping for your own fixtures. Contractors usually mark-up items to cover their own costs but you can save 10% or more by buying them yourself.

• Buy energy and water saving appliances and devices. While some of these items have higher initial price tag, the cost is usually offset by long-term savings. Examples include solar water heaters, rainwater tanks, energy efficient lights and water saving taps. Government rebates are available for some products.

Leave it to the experts
Do-it-yourself might sound like a good idea, but it is important to know your limits. Mistakes and poor planning are the two factors that will drive up the cost of renovation projects. Bathroom renovation experts have the skills, tools and expertise to make your bathroom renovation as cost effective as possible.


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